Room to Breathe

Steve, here, with the first posting in Ian’s upgraded blog.

Notwithstanding my whining comments about Movable Type last week, I did finally manage to migrate Ian’s web site to Movable Type 3.14.

Why do you care as a reader? Well, I hope this will boost Ian’s morale, by making it easier and more fun to keep this blog!

The new MT will, we hope, reduce the time Ian spends defending against comment spam. There’s comment moderation now, and a new version of MT-Blacklist that can do lots more, easier.

At the same time, I made a few other improvements. We’re on a much faster server now, with pretty much unlimited disk space. (That’ll make my job easier, since I won’t have to constantly manage the disk space.) I also switched to a faster, more capable database.

I put a lot of time in on this. I hope it helps Ian stay enthusiastic about blogging, and I hope it helps the readers stay engaged.

Let me know how the new system works for you!

0 thoughts on “Room to Breathe

  1. Steve Williams

    Here’s a first comment, as a test.
    The new MT’s comment system has moderation features. I’m still learning exactly how moderation works. Evidently you can authenticate your email address here on this site or through TypeKey (ptui!) in order to get your comments approved automatically. But we may not have that turned on yet.

  2. Christopher Smith

    Hello there,
    I’m Chris from England.
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    I found your website by typing the words “ignominies enchantress” into Google.
    I’m pleased to inform that YOU ARE A GOOGLEWHACK !
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    Anyway I just wanted to tell you about this !!!
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    Chris Smith

  3. litlnemo

    Finally this site shows up in my blogroll as “recently updated.” It never did before, so I’d forget to read for a few days and then have to catch up. This is much better. Thanks!

  4. Steve Williams

    litlnemo: Cool. MT 3.14 includes a “ping” feature, which we’ve turned on, so and Technorati are automatically notified when it’s updated.
    But I see you’re using WordPress. Does WordPress generate the “recently updated” flag from one of those sites? Or perhaps WordPress uses Ian’s RSS feed to watch for updates. (If the latter, I wonder why it didn’t work before.)


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