The Miracle of the Internet, Part XVIII

First off, go here and start typing names at top left. That’s two hours of your life gone, right there. This is one of those things that you find as a prospective parent and think “shit, they didn’t have ANYTHING like this in 1887!”

Secondly, go here and upload a picture of yourself. This, too, is something they didn’t have in 1887, but you can make it look like they did – it’s the best facial transformer I’ve ever seen.

You can make yourself a different race, like Tessa as an East Asian:


Or you can do bizarre things like “feminize” yourself, like I did here:


But the best part is making yourself the portrait of a famous painter. Here’s both Tessa and me as seen by Modigliani:



Here’s Tessa as seen by Alphonse Mucha:


And I quite like this one of me by a Virtual El Greco™:


Oh internet. How I love you so!

0 thoughts on “meta-morpheus

  1. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Cool! Cool! Cool! Thanks for giving me something to do at work today! I love how the name Helen peaked in the 1910’s and has been on the decline ever since. Although it appears to be making a slight comeback.
    Oh, and you are kinda pretty as a girl.

  2. Emily

    That site is great! I checked it out last night after getting back from the bar and had lots of fun with my “drunk” picture (I found it very ironic because I was drunk at the time – maybe it was only funny last night, I don’t know). I just hope that’s not what I really look like walking around College Park at 3am.

  3. flaco

    whoa!!!!! The last El Greco rendition is out of this world. On the fence between genius and shaggy d.a.
    The “feminize” render has nothing on some of your holloween chit


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