purple mountains majesty


Today’s blog is canceled to honor three presidents for President’s Day:


George Washington, who actually did live up to the hype


James K. Polk, our Carolina alum who fulfilled every campaign promise and made California possible


and James Buchanan, who was GAY GAY GAY!!!

0 thoughts on “purple mountains majesty

  1. Kevin

    What about Lincoln? And my favorites have always been the Roosevelts, both Teddy and Franklin D. Andrew Jackson was OK too, except for that whole massacaring native americans and all.

  2. Chad

    Unfortunately, being a UNC alumnus doesn’t automatically qualify one for greatness. James Polk dishonestly instigated a war against Mexico, a war which Grant, in his memoirs, correctly called unjust and unprovoked. Also Polk did break a campaign promise to fight the British in the Northwest if they failed to recognize US claims there. Almost certainly, the fact that we couldn’t carve slave states out of British Columbia factored into his decision.


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