set the frigate’s royals


Due to – um, *cough, cough* – a “scheduling mishap” on my part, Chopin the Dog and I got an excruciatingly late start on our road trip to Chapel Hill. This picture of us was taken on long exposure at 1am at the farm tonight, with naught but the Full Snow Moon to light our way (click image for bigger).


Fortunately, that full moon is bright as shit. When you’re alone upstate, with nobody within fifteen miles, with the temperature hovering around 10 degrees, it’s easy to take solace in the protection a full moon can give.

I will try to make it to Delaware tonight, as we are showing Tessa’s film Five Wives tomorrow to an enrapt class at UNC, followed by a very rough cut of the Pink House movie this weekend.

Madness, you say? Starting a trip at 1am? Not when you have the ENTIRE “MASTER AND COMMANDER” SERIES ON YOUR IPOD. Mainsails and great guns, ho!

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  1. Killian

    You are here–so am I–when universes collide (in Chapel Hill, that is)! KEWL. Is it the NC film festival from Feb 25-27 that you are “doing” ? Wish fiercely that I could meet you . Glad the moon kept you and Chops company on the trip southward. Sorry our weather is so sucky right now; yesterday was gorgeous. Anyway, break a leg with all endeavors artistic and otherwise–I’m certain I’ll feel the ripple effects of your presence.

  2. oliver

    The moonlight photo is eerie. Should be the centerpiece evidence in a mystery novel, which offers the solution only after the inspector realizes it was shot on long exposure.

  3. Anne D.

    You have said the magic words: Master and Commander. I have been reading the Patrick O’Brian series pretty steadily since last summer and am on Vol. 13 or 14 now, and dreading the end (Vol. 20, I believe). Who is the text reader for the audio version?
    Happy trails to you and Chopin. I love those bright moonlit brittle-cold nights in the country.

  4. cullen

    Me nine, ten, eleven, to infinity and beyond. Screen that shit in my living room or out on the long isle at westbury music fair or some shit. Animal House is getting old; I’m ready for the Pink HOuse generation minus the John (Cougar)Mellencamp royalties. Call it a married double feature and I’m having a serious co-ed fantasy; restless wives, deviant secretaries, ME, and pastel-hued houses in BLUE FUCKIn’ Heaven.
    Godspeed but careful of the snow, although looks like you missed it en route. Take Rashad some chicken soup. Mommy put your feet up; the dog is driving home.


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