that Sally Forth sure said a mouthful


We moved several boxes today, and I found some nuggets. Here’s one: the 1995 Pink House Halloween Party invitation from the days when we were plaguing Chapel Hill.

I don’t think anyone can say we didn’t do these things right.


click for big version

0 thoughts on “that Sally Forth sure said a mouthful

  1. scotty

    Even two weekends ago the Pink House party was flexing it’s muscles – I needed to set the timer on my VCR (no tivo as of yet) but could not, due to a party pooper “borrowing” my remote back in ’96. No other off-the-rack remote has restored my programming abilities. YAY.

  2. Annie

    How WEIRRRD..just days ago I was thinking of this comic gem of the 90s (which was tacked on my brother’s bathroom wall for years) and wondering whether you had a copy of it. I should have known.


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