slow, yet kafkaesque


Tessa says I’m not allowed to write a blog tonight because I don’t feel well and I have to be in shape to take care of a newborn. So instead, I’m posting a collage of her belly at 12, 18, 30, 37 and 39 weeks. So there.


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0 thoughts on “slow, yet kafkaesque

  1. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Tessa is right. You are a parent in training. You need to pace yourself! Judging from those belly shots, I think that Peanut will arrive any moment now!

  2. Sean

    That’s what I just realized. After taking 100+ golf strokes, it’s actually pretty damn tiring. Especially in 42 degree weather. Man, yesterday was the funnest stupid thing I’ve done since…
    since we used to have fun.
    all those years ago.

  3. brent

    I have a similar belly collage…
    freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, hanging out post-grad in Chapel Hill

  4. DB

    Just want to say that if she’s born tomorrow and we win it all, you might want to consider calling her May (as in Sean, as in the guy whose birthday it’ll be on Monday night). Good luck with everything! Go Heels!


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