Stay Tuned for Breaking News

Steve, here. The rest of the family couldn’t remember how to hack into Ian’s blog!

As some of you suspected, Ian and Tessa are a little busy right now. They headed over to the hospital around 11 p.m. Wednesday evening.

All is well so far, and Ian promises to post more information soon!

0 thoughts on “Stay Tuned for Breaking News

  1. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Thanks for the update and for thinking of us blog fans!
    While we talk amongst ourselves in eager anticipation, we could all place Internet bets on the details of Peanut’s arrival!
    Here are my guesses —
    Name: Caroline Peanut Blake-Williams
    Size: 7.9 lbs, 21 inches
    Hair: flaming red
    Duration of labor: 15 hours
    Manner of arrival announcement: water broke
    Drugs or no drugs?: After 11th hour of labor, one epidural administered

  2. CL

    Congrats to the whole family. And Laurie, I like your predictions!
    Such a beautiful day for someone new to enter the world.

  3. killian

    wooohoooo—Peanut has deigned to join the picture!! Happines to everyone out here on this blog. It’s a WONDERFUL day!

  4. Andrew

    Laurie: I can’t predict now because you took the name I was going with. Definitely Caroline [but I’m biased because that’s my daughter’s name too].
    On another matter, as a fellow Marylander, I note that my friends who have berated our Heels over the past couple of years are now very quiet. It sounds great.
    Health and happiness to mom, dad & baby.

  5. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Hi Andrew. Where in MD do you live? We are in Anne Arundel County. Yes, all the Terp fans have been very quiet. I have been sporting my Carolina gear/apparel all around town with pride. I get lots of dirty looks, but hey,talk to the hand! I’m a Tar Heel born and a Tar Heel bred, and when I die, I’m a Tar Heel dead!
    If I had much disposable income to bet with (and I don’t!), I would bet it all that Ian and Tessa name their daughter Caroline. How could they not? It is a lovely name, by the way. It was one of my first name choices for my daughter, but there was no convincing my Terp husband to agree. Figures. I told him that we could name our next pet Testudo — that was a fine deal in my mind.

  6. Annie

    Gosh, I hate to say it, but there is one big reason why they might NOT end up naming Peanut Caroline…(though I agree it would be a lovely name)–
    Some of y’all know. But I really hate to say it.

  7. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Annie, in that case, I vote for Helen Blake-Williams! I am not one of those parents who gets possessive about the whole name thing. . . I am willing to share. : )
    Well, my work day has ended. Guess I will have to wait until tomorrow for some news. I suppose this delivery was not so speedy. Then again, nothing worth waiting for ever comes easy! Best wishes to Ian, Tessa and their families.

  8. Annie

    Laurie, I absolutely LOVE the name Helen!
    Actually, it’s weird how much I’m DYING of curiosity about the name (not to mention, the delivery, the hair, and everything else)–I’ve been a strong advocate for “Dean” as a middle name (earlier chronicled here), but the possiblities are so endless…with a boy, you’re much more limited it seems…but less in danger of the dreaded anglophile “cul-de-sac” names girls are vulnerable to (Caitlin, Ashlyn, Brittany). (I didn’t come up w/ that concept–Tessa and Ian did).
    There’s something I really like about the name “Jane.” Doesn’t go well with “Dean,” though–maudlinly, I love “Liza Jane,” as in the song. Also “Delia” (though it sucks with “Dean” as well)…GOD! I hate waiting!!
    But I guess we won’t have to wait long!

  9. scruggs

    Deana Jane would keep it feminine and add that oh so nice honky tonk touch to keep it NC real. Unless you name her after our most famous female alum, Marion!
    I was always a big fan of Elise, but now I only think of the one getting dumped in the Cure song.

  10. Just Andrew

    no 802.11 in the hospital? Ian, where’s the live streaming blog of this event?
    I vote for Wanda Williams, as in Roy’s lovely wife.

  11. cheryl

    God knows if you’ll ever look at these comments, Ian and Tessa, seeing as you’ll have a newborn to attend to, but I have to tell you I had a “moment” this morning. I was on the subway, just thinking, and wondering when it was going to happen. I thought, what would Ian do if the baby arrived before he could type in his entry? Would he say to Tessa, “Hang on a minute” and just quickly write “We’re busy” ? And then I thought, no, this is Ian, he would never write anything so brief, it’s not his style.
    Anyway, I had to share that I was thinking of you two and wondering about the baby and the blog (in that order), just this very morning. And now I see on the site that you are, indeed, busy. How wonderful.
    Best to you both!!!

  12. MindyB

    GREAT NAME! But I am biased. Ok, you don’t know me — I’m a longtime and devoted lurker — but I had to send my heartfelt congratulations on this wonderful occassion. I came across your blog while web surfing when I has home on maternity leave almost 2 years ago, and I’ve been enjoying reading it first thing every morning since then. My own daughter, also a Lucy, is now two and a half years old! Challenging at times, but without a doubt the most wonderful and fulfilling 2 and a half years of my life. I wish you and Tessa much good fortune in your new roles as dad and mom, and I hope you have as much fun with your little Lucy as my husband and I do with ours. AND, on a selfish note, I look forward to hearing all about your new adventures with baby!

  13. MindyB

    Oops! Ok, long day and brain dead. Sorry I just spilled the beans on the name. But, I’m willing to bet curious minds were all visiting Kent’s site to find out anyway. Sorry for the blunder.

  14. DB

    Congratulations! Her name makes her sound like a certain singer to me, which is a very good thing. Love from D, F, and Z


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