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  1. Killian

    aMAZing! I assume baby on right is you?
    Regarding parental do’s and don’ts: my two sisters, the only ones who have chosen to reproduce in our family of 5 sibs, have a great perspective on parenting errors: they cry out, “rookie mistake”–and the glory of it is, you don’t have to be a rookie (or even the parent) to commit one and it gets you smiling pretty quickly before you fall into the trap of “ohmigodihavescarredhemforlife” OR “iamtheparentandimakenomistakes”[probably NOT where you’ll fall!] Humor is a wonderful thing, and I suspect they picked that up from their/our own childhoods, where everything seemed ‘do or die’—and we were Methodist, not Mormon! :)
    you and tessa will totally rock as parents, i am completely convinced!

  2. oliver

    I don’t get it: If you think Tessa slept with Ivan and Lucy’s real father is actually the shtetl fiddler, then why doesn’t she have green skin? And why wasn’t Nostradamus on this?

  3. Salem

    I hate to back track to yesterdays’ blog but in reference to the “a blanket is a blanket, words are important” observation. I got news dude. Your control over what “stuff” is called, ended last week. Not only will a blanket not be a blanket, but your whole family and the world they live in will ALL have new names in 12 months. You still think your in control, don’t you? The good news is that you are so in love you won’t hesitate to go back into a busy NYC restaurant asking strangers to help you find her “Nee Nee Poo”.


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