cool drink of water, such a sweet surprise


Yes, yes, I know I can be a bit lugubrious when I go on about my wife, but yesterday was Mother’s Day, and today is her birthday, so you’ll just have to hear me prattle on once more.

I’ve always managed to keep my gifts secret from her, even the elaborate ones, but this time there was no way of hiding the goods.

When we were in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden a few weeks back, I noticed how Tessa always lit up around the cherry trees. The blossoms are insane (as those of you in D.C. know) and the ornamental varieties don’t even bear fruit that you then track back into your house carpet. After a bit of research, I thought the Kwanzan Cherry tree was the winner, as it is obnoxiously beautiful and would bloom in time for her birthday, thus she gets the tree for turning 36, and the flowers for Mother’s Day.


Those of you who know my wife know that “distractions” and “sleight of hand” don’t really work against her, so I had to go ahead and cover her face with my hand when the nursery truck pulled up to the farm to plant the tree. And since it has been cold up here, the blooms aren’t really out yet. But she was still surprised, and that’s all that really matters.

Sadly, the Kwanzan Cherry only lives up to 25 years (nature always exacts a price for that kind of beauty), so it will be a temporary mainstay for the first third of our marriage. It will be time for a new one when Lucy gets out of college. Any college except Dook, I was quick to add.

Speaking of Ol’ Ironsides, she has begun to giggle and smile her way through the afternoon, and it just breaks your heart. What was once a twice-a-week phenomenon has turned into fireworks of smilie-ness. Yet, like Bill T., gigs of electronic media have been wasted trying to capture the moment. After all, it’s usually a spasm of delight, long gone by the time you click the shutter (assuming you’re holding the camera).

Until this weekend, when she finally got so engrossed in her Auntie Michelle that I was able to catch a tiny bit before they faded. I vote YES for SMILES!



0 thoughts on “cool drink of water, such a sweet surprise

  1. mom

    Tessa, they wouldn’t deliver flowers to Columbia County in time for your first Mother’s Day, but i was thinking about you all day.
    Happy, happy Monter’s Day, Birthday, Lucy-smiley day.
    And Ian, thanks for the pictures. Oh, wow… she is so pretty!

  2. Killian

    Tessa, goddess that you are–with goddess-in-training at your side (or in your sling!)–happiest of days to you and yours!!

  3. lyle

    that child is NOT only three weeks old! those cheeks, the plump little fists, that sense o’ humor — keep going at this rate, and lucy will be walking at 9 months and quoting harold pinter by 12. it could happen! (the walking part, that is; i know two babies [not mine] who did it that early.)
    the cherry tree idea was brilliant. happy first mother’s day and happy birthday to tessa!

  4. cullen

    Yeah that kid looks like she was reading with a flashlight under Tessa’s downy comforter until she decided to pop on out–precocious and scrum diddly-umptee-supercalafragalisticexpialidocious!
    Kudos on quite an eventful fortnight: birth, mother’s (birth)day, etal.
    Party on Lucy!

  5. Greg (not THAT Greg, another Greg altogether)

    Great gift (Happy B-day Tessa!)
    Our cherry tree (possibly the same variety – difficult to say with no real knowledge of the subject) hangs over our entire driveway and spends 3-4 months of the year dropping stuff on our cars. No fruit, but flowers, dangling gold stuff (that’s what it’s called – right?) and leaves. It also extends into the power and phone lines and has me constantly frettng that it’s going to cause some sort of damage. It is one of the better climbing trees I’ve seen in awhile, but climbing only leads you conveniently to the aforementioned power lines. I guess with Cherry trees its the same as real estate: Location, location, location.


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