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I was so disappointed in the Episode I of the Star Wars prequels that I ended up watching Episode II on my belly, remarking about how sad it was that my joy for such things had come to an end. Well, if you live long enough, everything gets reversed, leading to a rousing view of Return of the Sith tonight at a packed moviehouse in Brooklyn.

The theaters at the Pavilion at Prospect Park have definitely cleaned up their act since I saw that shitty Chris Rock-Anthony Hopkins nuke disaster movie there three years ago; for one, your shoes don’t stick to the floor anymore. I do miss the local clientele screaming at the screen, however, the loss of which is one of gentrification’s perils.

There is nobody better with whom to see a “Star Wars” movie than Lindsay Bowen. I happen to know he read a few of the Star Wars novels back in the day (even though he tried to deny it) and he most likely obsessed over the miniature Millennium Falcon as much as my brother Sean did. He might have even dressed up as Boba Fett at some point in his childhood, you never know.

There are plenty of sites that discuss the movie’s strong points, failings and total lapses in continuity, but I found myself not really caring. I dig on generational brotherhoods, I suppose, enough to just enjoy being in the theater experiencing this work of pop culture along with everyone else who had tried to move their fake light sabers with their minds when young. I don’t really care that it might have been sub-par, or even that Obi-Wan Kenobi sure ages badly between Episode III and the original Star Wars. I’m there for the collective pop unconscious, dude.

I love it when the whole country gets together to watch something with each other. Television occasionally offers this kind of brotherhood, but it’s still an onanistic act – the theater is the last place where Jung’s spiritus mundi is still intact. It reminds me of the day when states were neither red nor blue.

Or maybe it’s the migraine medication I was taking. Fuck, man, I was high as a kite in there.

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  1. flaco

    love the photo! multiple planes city scene, the best!
    we ate shrooms before we saw episode I, SOME eye candy but mostly annoying as hell
    I’ll take my comic aliens from MiB thanks The chariot race took half the movie it seemed
    so turned off by EpI we didn’t ever see EpII and could care even less about EpIII
    the original was the best, and only coz of effects the story line is for children
    give me blade runner sequel THEN I’ll wait in line a few days making oragami and playing tension filled tritones on an analog synth

  2. oliver

    I saw it. Now I feel like I know what all the cool kids obsessively wished to know in grade school–it’s like winning an award for slow development. I’m ready to move on.

  3. Trayjen

    The move was incredibly entertaining. Come on folks, get with the program…. every movie doesn’t have to be Moulin Rouge. Great action, a ton of “holes” filled in, and a small lean mean green fighting machine. I saw the film last night at 10:15 in Newport Beach California in a theater that held 1100 scream ooohhing and aahhinngg nut cakes. There were 70 year old ladies in button down wool sweaters sitting next to 12 year old skater “younglings”. The anticipation was incredible. The curtain was drawn after a year of previews, lights went down and a low rumbling began, Darth Vadar’s was suddenly projected on the red velvet, the place went stark raving mad!
    Fight scenes! deception! special effects! drama! I would love to give details but it wouldn’t be right…. incredibly good. Awesome. Go see it, take your light saber and be a kid again.

  4. Just Andrew

    Saw it Friday at Midnight. I was 8 when my parents took me to see episode 4. 28 years later, I finally get to see the movie I wanted.
    Loved it. Will go back a few times.

  5. eat me Ian

    The last time Brother Ian wrote about me on a blog, I was asked about it (The “Private Lives” lighting visual joke) in a job interview. So thanks for the Dork call-out, dickweed. For the record, yes, I read “Han Solo at Star’s End” when I was 10. Great book.*
    The movie was acceptable–enormously better than the last two and the bad dialog and directorless acting was not enough to spoil the cool stuff. You know, the cool stuff. Said stuff was very cool.
    Also, Lucas clearly listened to some people this time and tried to make up for past sins. Almost no Jar Jar, and one “1940’s Chinese stereotype” aliens that were so horrifying in the last two movies is clearly heard to not have a Asian accent. This is setting the bar pretty low, but I’ll take it.
    I know 100 directors who could’ve fixed the only scene where any real acting was required which would have made this movie a home run experience for me. And C3PO was under-used. But I had a great time as it was, and I’ll see it again if my wife wants to catch it.
    *Ian once pooped in a pair of Depends adult undergarments on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. I was there.


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