Cute Li’l McCuddle Bumpkin!


We had a great weekend, and now that Lucy is beginning to really enjoy being “on the outside,” as it were, it feels like a Family Event when we do something. She met her grandmother Linda for the first time, and was absolutely delighted:


Of course, that cur dog Chopin is always underfoot when we’re doing something important.


Tessa took some pictures of us sleeping in on Saturday. Something about the bed brings Lucy’s smallness into sharp relief.


I’d taken the dog for a walk the night before, but I was pretty distracted. Don’t worry, we found him eventually.


We dressed up our little pumpkin to go upstate, where we ran into a Revolutionary War re-enactment complete with fife and drums. Lucy wore her Betsy Ross hat!


We took off without the dog


Our precious tiny bundle of joy got her first full bottle this weekend! Fully one ounce in her belly, one ounce on her shirt. It was going pretty smoothly, but there was this strange scratching noise at the door that was really distracting.


I threw the dog in the car tonight and went to the all-night store to grab orange juice and eggs for Tessa. When we got back, Grandma Linda took some swell pictures of our family unit!


Oh well, off to bed. See you on tomorrow’s blog!


0 thoughts on “Cute Li’l McCuddle Bumpkin!

  1. CL

    Cute, but what’s all this dissin’ the dog? He’s stuck at the door, thrown into the car…I’m detecting a sibling rivalry undercurrent that you’re playing into here.

  2. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Chopes! I knew they would not give you up for adoption, although it seems you are not getting the usual “me time” to which you have become accustomed. Don’t worry. It will get better. During our first few months with our baby daughter, we left our beagle out in the rain, forgot to feed him, and yelled at him all the time. We also failed to notice a bad inner ear infection that led to that same brain thing you suffer from. Lots of falling down and crashing into walls. Poor fella. Luckily, our beagle did not hold it all against us (you dogs are superior to humans in so many ways!), and he and Helen are best pals. Your Phoenix will rise again, Chopes. Hang in there!
    P.S. – Thank you, Ian! Give that dog a treat for me. Two treats! And Lucy is the cutest cutie cutekins ever! Love that Betsy Ross hat!

  3. Killian

    Chopes—Yeah!!!!! And Betsy Ross. and Linda. And the family Eunich. what a great day to read xtcian—no cryin’ in the coffee today. MAny thanks for the joy.

  4. chip

    You need to put a thought bubble over Chopin that says “I woulda gotten away with it if it wasn’t for that meddlin’ kid”.


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