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Oh, the things I would have said. The crystal-clear prose, the trenchant epiphanies, the kind of blog entry you would have forwarded to old girlfriends saying you wanted to see them again.

But alas, tonight I have been caught by a dual tripwire: first off, Lucy needed to be walked around and around and around this morning from 7am to 10am, after I was up all night trying to finish another project. Thus I went back to bed for a few minutes and woke up and it was GODDAMN 3PM. I haven’t done that since trying to stave off depression in 1998, and it has left me useless all day, freaking out over all the Prime Life Moments I’d slept through.

The second problem is that it was pissing rain and 45 degrees upstate today. That, my friends, is 13 degrees above freezing, and 30 degrees below normal. Trust me when I say this: it is usually so beautiful here you could cry every day. The spring honestly does the work of 400mg of Zoloft, Lexapro, Paxil, Zokoglut, Xukluxamor, and Zyxxyzyzkyzz – and you feel like you could never be unhappy again.


So I have nothing to say today except the weather better get better for my birthday on Thursday and stay good through the weekend, or ELSE. It rains on my birthday every year and now that the Red Sox have won, Bush got re-elected, and the falcon cannot hear the falconer, perhaps Nature can see fit to make something else utter bizarre happen and give me some SUN for my birthday.

I don’t ask for much. Just:

– UNC in the hunt for the National Championship every year

– no autism or cancer in my family

– cars with side airbags

– air conditioning, Coke, Excedrin and occasionally Afrin

– my 3-point shot to go in at least 37% of the time

– a good song on the radio every fifth tune

– wifi and espresso everywhere

– a window

– this:


Oh well, nevermind, I have an embarrassment of riches. Go ahead and let it rain on my birthday again.

8 thoughts on “circadia, NY

  1. Lisa in Maui

    And you’ve never been so patriotic in your life.
    Life is good. Revel in it. Shout it from the rooftops. Be the crazy guy in that commercial…”I LOVE THIS WOMAN”!
    Right on!

  2. jif

    One of my (many) favorite ian moments was your birthday, 1997, when you stood out on our decrepid little porch at the pink house, looked skyward, fists clenched, disgust in eyes, and bellowed, “Fuck you, rain! Don’t you know it’s my birthday?!?!?!” And then you went into the living room to vent, throwing the remote control against the wall, then had another fit because that remote was never to be found again. I wouldn’t believe half the stories you tell about your misfortune unless I had seen them myself;-) However, with your new arrival, I’d say your luck is changing…
    Happy birthday!! x J.Eliza Merriweather B.

  3. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Hope that you have a great birthday, rain or shine, Big Daddy. Lucy does indeed look quite patriotic! Red, white, and blue, we love you!
    Lucy looks like such a cuddle cutie sweetie muffin cutekins!

  4. Tanya

    Man, Caleb sleeps just like Lucy, and it’s all I can do to resist EATING his TOES. What is it about baby feet that is so irresistable??
    Oh yes, of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!

  5. eric g.

    To the list of epic Ian rants I must add one overheard from my bedroom in that purple, roach-infested tenement 220 McCauley Street. Apparently Salem’s massive dog Bear had peed into a fan, thus projecting said pee around Ian’s room. Like a pistol shot piercing the pristine Chapel Hill silence came Ian’s cry: “BEAR!!! CUT ME A FUCKING BREAK!!!!”
    May the sun shine brightly upon your parade, Ian. Things appear to be turning upward for you.

  6. cullen

    Happy Birthday fellow May baby and ditto on your weather mayday alert. My not-yet 2 year old has been launching right into the we bemoan rain song trilogy every a.m. in time with my mini-depression. This clan is among those busting with May birthdays and our contingent of folks is pretty pissed about the steady mist. As for your scheduled Jartacular Musicale, since the indoor activities are looking real good about now, I’ve been mulling that you should go with the always strummable “Sweet Surrender”, Bread version, or somesuch. And where’s the webcast of this FarmHouse Idol show?
    Memorable Memorial Day Weekend and hope it’s warm enough somewhere for watermelon.


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