pagan solstice gods salute you and you and you!


This being the shortest night of the year and all, let’s celebrate with a few pictures. First off, an inside joke:


I was wondering about these next two, that show me and Lucy front and back – do they make see-through picture frames, you know, like a Kandinsky? I look like a moron, but she’s awful cute.



Speaking of cute, here’s a blurred but beautiful blow-up of my better-half and baby:


And this for Laurie from Manly Dorm:


We’ve been packing our upstate farm for renters, and in the midst of the mess (and the bare changing table), Lucy started giggling so much that I grabbed the camera. Right-click and save (or however you view Quicktime files – on a Mac, just click and be patient) on this link (14MB) for a little camera movie of the piker and all her beguiling ways. Be sure to turn the sound off, or else you’ll hear her father cooing things he’d never thought he’d coo. Suffice to say he didn’t think he’d be saying these things to a couple hundred thousand people on the internet.

Or else he would have been a little more, you know, manly.


0 thoughts on “pagan solstice gods salute you and you and you!

  1. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Awww. . . aren’t you sweet! Thanks for the photo of your fur child and your cutie sweetie cutie baby human child! They look like best buds! Give them a treat and a hug for me!
    Gosh, Lucy is so darn cute. She is growing so fast! All you have to do is look at her bright eyes and know that she is a brilliant wonder child! Carolina will be lucky to have her in 2023. I’ll have to wait until I get home to play your movie. . . my boss is within earshot here in Cubicle World, and he is not one to appreciate cooing of any kind.
    What will you be doing in CA? Perhaps you don’t want to jinx yourself by discussing it. . . but good luck! Keep us all updated!

  2. killian

    Ian–no threat to your manhood in MY eyes—any man who can make references to Kandinsky; call his beautiful baby girl “pumpkin pie” and his wife “my better half” is the best kind of man there is!! As for the mystery of the clifornia trip, ditto the desire not to jinx it; as we say in my business “Break a Leg!”

  3. kjf

    Loved your movie of Lucy. What a doll. When the clip is over the freeze frame of her face is worth a million bucks.

  4. Sean Williams

    So awesome. You walk over with the camera, and there’s this look on her face like, “wait, what’re we doing?… OH! We’re on camera…” and then her face lights up like someone said “ACTION!”
    Do everything in your power to steer her away from acting. It’s a hell of a life.

  5. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    I am finally out of my oppressive workplace, figured out how to play the movie, and OH MY GOD, PUMPKIN PIE!!!! She is such a little cutie pie pumpkin pie! I completely agree with Sean — she looks like she is all about acting and being expressive. Good God — so much expression for such a young age! I just know you are going to CA because Lucy’s adorableness has been spotted by a talent scout. It’ll be the I Love Lucy for the new millennium!
    You truly are blessed. Lucy is healthy, happy, and full of life and good spirits. That is the best you can hope for as a parent, believe me. Thanks for sharing.


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