awesome bill from dawsonville


It’s 3am and I have to leave for New Orleans in a few hours, but I just wanted to check in and say hello from Jasper, GA where Annie and I have had a wonderful time (details tomorrow).

More importantly, it’s the birthday of my li’l sister Michelle, who turns 33 today. Before I drift off to sleep, I just wanted to make sure she knows we’re thinking of her and love her lotz.


Michelle and I discuss “The Feminine Mystique,” 1974

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  1. killian

    OHMYGOD. The cuteness of you two! By all means, Happy Birthday to you, Michelle—it’s your “jesus year,” so go get ’em, grrrl! And Ian, happy trails to you!

  2. killian

    PS–my geography sucks, so I had to go back to look at the map—wave to the ‘ham (Birmingham AL)as you pass through. It’s where I first found your blog! :):) sigh. . .

  3. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Happy Birthday, Michelle — from one June baby to another. I think your blog is great! I am the same way about my birthday month. My daughter was born on my birthday, so we REALLY do it up in June! Hope you have a great day!

  4. kent

    what is that doll michelle is holding? I remember them being ubiquitous back in the 70s, and can’t place it now.
    Happy Birthday Michelle. We all grow older!

  5. Annie

    Kent–that’s a “Dressy Bessy” doll, if I’m not mistaken!
    Thanks to Salem for steaks, his great family & trundle bed, and a wonderful Jasper Sundy night–


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