crescent wrenching


They can roll my 95-year-old carcass into New Orleans on a self-levitating dolly – preferably with my brain suspended in protein jelly within a glass bowl – and I could still have a good time. Breathing the air at night is like ingesting hot water, with pellet-sized mosquitoes flying into your eyeballs; after four paces, you break into a slimy sweat. Rock!

I just had an oyster and shrimp poboy from the Verti Marte, and Chopin just peed on Decatur Street under a hazy moon, so life is good. Even Lucy got on the phone and cooed, thus making the last five hundred miles of today’s drive an easy drift into the bayou.

Annie and I spent last night in Jasper, GA with Salem, Elizabeth, and their two kids McCall and Victoria. The effervescent Victoria brought her two friends over, so I did my best to teach them the ways of the world by introducing them to poker.

I have to say I’ve played a lot of poker in my life, but I’ve never seen anyone fold with four of a kind (yeesh!) nor have I ever experienced a poker player who brought an egg to the table, and then broke it all over the money, thus leading to a quick exodus.


that’s one way to end the game

Played night hoops with one of the girls – who is one of the stars of the high school team – and she had a smokin’ jump shot. By 2am, I agreed to take all the kids in the SUV to the late-night window at Wendy’s, but got sidetracked because they wanted to steal some real estate signs and put them in a friend’s lawn. It was my duty to oblige.

I went to high school in a demoralizing, depressing navy town and it took about three seconds of their screams of glee before I remembered what it was like, hot nights of zero going on, finding someone to drive us to an abandoned swimming pool, talking shit on Hampy’s diving board.

Speaking of which, some dude jumped the curb in Carrboro while I was there, and literally “drove thru” Wendy’s. Some people just don’t know how to handle late June nights with nothing to do.


4 thoughts on “crescent wrenching

  1. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    “Hot nights with zero going on.” I like that! It is an apt description of most of my summers as a pre-adolescent/teenager. I am glad to see that some things haven’t changed.

  2. scruggs

    Re: the Carrboro Wendy’s. What comes around goes around. A few (try five) years ago we had left The Cradle to get some Wendy’s late night food. Only the drive thru was open. Though we were on foot, we still tried to go through the drive thru. They refused to serve us because we weren’t in a car. So we should take our drunk selves back to the car and drive back there? Looks like maybe that policy backfired?!

  3. Chris M

    Praise be to Verti Marte! When last in NO, the minute we dropped our bags we called them for delivery. VM delivers but so far not to Brooklyn. I had the Royale, a roast beef and melted cheese sandwich with a sauce that defies description. My dear Claudia had the muffaletta. Yum.

  4. eric g.

    That Wendy’s in Carrboro has always been a strange place. Chuck Pierce used to give me money to go buy us both dinner there, and every time I went through the drive-through, they gave me $1.00 too much in change. The first few times, I tried to give it back, but they always insisted their math was right. Eventually, I just figured that the employees hated working there so much that they had conspired to slowly bankrupt the franchise, one dollar at a time…


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