ocean to ocean

I’m going to make this violently quick: I just pulled into Santa Monica at 3am after six days of driving and stealing internet from some poor soul by the beach. Everyone have a fabulous Independence Day regardless of our current government!


Sean, Mom and Michelle around our nation’s bicentennial, 1976

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  1. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Glad to hear you made it to CA safely.
    Cute photo. Your mom looks like Elizabeth Montgomery!

  2. kent

    Heh. I don’t know if that was 76, but Mom looks pretty good in that pic. Of course, I’m now a couple years older than she was in 76…
    Elizabeth Montgomery? Not seeing it. She had long brown hair up until a bit before this pic was taken, and has almost always worn glasses, and I don’t remember that hairstyle at all …

  3. Tanya

    Oh Dear God. Completely off topic of Ian’s “violently quick” entry today… Please someone comfort me right now. I’m reeling from the news of Sandra Day O’Connor’s retirement announcement. I can almost hear the Republicans and Right Wingers knocking on the door, and they’re demanding control of my uterus. Help!

  4. killian

    Easy for you to say, Ian–it’s much easier to give up on your country than to give up on your uterus. Tanya, I share your pain!
    On kinder note, glad you made it to CA safe and sound. hope you are doing something revolutionary and wonderful. the countdown to Lucy and Tessa’s arrival begins! :)

  5. Matt

    Elizabeth Montgomer? I can sort of see it.
    Calm down, Tanya. It ain’t all about your uterus. To those of you who want to “feel better” by giving up on your country, go ahead. The grown-ups are running things now. We’ll keep you safe, even through all your sneering.
    ‘Tis a shame that Robert Bork is too old to be renominated.


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