two feet tall and rising


Oh, I guess I could have written a blog today about how well a big meeting went, and how we saw Reese Witherspoon at the Starbucks and how we have the only good weather in the entire country today – but then Lucy started standing up when we held her hands:


…and that’s basically all we do nowadays.

18 thoughts on “two feet tall and rising

  1. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Adorable! You definitely have your priorities in the right order, my friend. And while I am a celebrity ho, I prefer a photo of Lucy over any celebrity gossip any day!
    She looks so proud and amazed by her own abilities in that photo. Precious. Lucy: You go girl! Go Lucy! Go Lucy!

  2. cullen

    Ah, the stiff, strong leg game, sort of a cool baseline for many activities to come, and more rewarding at this point for everybody than daddy’s old stiff leg game.
    Get her in the water so she can feel those muscles flutter.

  3. Mom

    oh my… She’s going to be one of those who walks at 9 months, runs before she’s a year old, and … well, good luck.

  4. aunt michelle

    Anyone else notice the same look of glee and accomplishment on both Ian’s and Lucy’s faces? Oh, my!

  5. Jane

    that is the best father and daughter picture i have ever seen! You both look so proud and amazed, albeit for different reasons.

  6. eric g.

    this pic truly put a smile on my face. i’m waiting for joe c’s description of the right-wing conspiracy behind babies learning to stand and walk…

  7. tregen

    If you magnify the picture, you can see that Ian is actually exchanging emails with Karl Rove regarding the super secret LRAD systems being installed in all new TV sets. (Filling in for Joe C)… A very beautiful little human being.

  8. kjf

    after reading some of the excerpts from the john roberts documents on line tonight i decided i needed something to put a smile on my face and came back to see that smiling little lucy and that did the job….not to mention the late posting of the vermont devil child who is another absolutely beautiful child.

  9. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Yea, and this one is a bit odd, too.
    But, your son is adorable! Has anyone else noticed that the children of Ian and his blog readers are more beautiful and intelligent than the average children? These kids are cuter than any kids I have seen on all the parenting magazines.

  10. Just Andrew

    that’s what happened to someone I know who lost her job and her husband, ran up 125k of credit card debt and was about to lose her house when I was told about it – mix that with 38 years of chronic alcoholism. I found out, broke into her house and that was her bedroom – that’s only 4 months worth of depravity too.
    On the bright side, I managed to clean out the house and sell it, pay off her debts and get her into rehab. Ugh.

  11. dorkarama

    ian, why does the outside of the house look like the hamptons and the inside look like the now defunct beachwood manor?


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