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I’m doing Monday’s blog on Saturday, because my brother Sean, sister-in-law Jordana, friends Lindsay and Mac are putting on a show, and it would be awesome if you could buy your tickets right now. Y’see, they’re trying the publicity stunt of selling out opening night on the first weekend of sales, and if they do, many balls will begin to roll.

What is it? It’s called Fleet Week: The Musical, and it’s a brilliant send-up of old musical genres with a twisty plot involving gay sailors who don’t know they’re straight, and straight sailors who don’t know they’re gay. It’s wicked funny, and you should go – its 5-show run starts Aug. 19th at the legendary Lucille Lortel theater in New York City’s West Village.

Need more excuses? How about here for the write up in Playbill? Or maybe you’d like a mention in the New York Times? Not big enough for you? How about Newsweek? As Lindsay says, “two cast members were voted best actor in past Fringe festivals, there are Bistro awards and OOBR awards strewn throughout — and, oh yeah, one of the cast is a TONY NOMINEE.”

It’s only $15, it’s going to be great, I’ll be at opening night if you want to meet, and if it sucks you can kick my ass (and then Sean’s). (And then Lindsay’s). But it won’t. This is going to be the toast of NYC’s summer off-Broadway season.

So in order for this to work, there are two deadlines: one is RIGHT NOW, i.e., before Saturday night at midnight. The other is before MONDAY at midnight. If they can sell out opening night (August 19) before either of those deadlines happen, then the P.R. cycle will kick in for them, and they won’t need my blog for any of this.

Click here to buy tickets, or call 1-800-965-4827. Even if you live in Seattle or Prince Edward Island or London, you could buy a $15 ticket and be supportive!

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  1. Sean Williams

    Ian, thanks for posting this. For some reason, this weekend we were one of the best selling shows at the Fringe Festival! I don’t know how many of Ian’s readers are responsible, but it’s amazing. Thanks so much.
    And, for any of you who did buy tickets, at rehearsal yesterday, we realized that this is the best show we’ve ever been involved with. We can’t really overstate how good the show’s gonna be, entirely because the cast and directorial staff are so good. If you’re going, and you like musicals, you are really gonna like it.
    If you don’t like musicals, you might not like it. Oh, and if you don’t like homosexuals, you shouldn’t go either, all of our heroes in the play are gay.

  2. Lindsay

    As of Saturday at 5pm, we were the second highest-selling musical in the Fringe, in fact! Not bad for a show with a tiny publicity budget.
    Thanks for the support, everyone! Keep it coming. Check out our site/blog if you get a chance.
    If all goes well, we may be able to provide Ian with a picture of a baby in a sailor suit.


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