i got 2nd highest score in Galaga



Tonight we celebrated our anniversary by getting lobster at a place called “Lobster” and then trekking onto the Santa Monica Pier to ride the ferris wheel. I should also mention that getting Tessa onto something like a ferris wheel is no mean feat, as she dislikes shit that throws your body around in the name of fun. Personally, I crave that sort of thing unless it’s on an airplane, and then St. Xanax can take care of the rest.

We’ve had to be very Buddhist about the last couple of days; this town can throw your mood around like a rubber superball. The problem with speculative careers – as opposed to the obvious paycheck on Friday – is that it can raise a lot of feelings you haven’t experienced since high school.

All we can do is “the next right thing” and “keep our side of the street clean” and “have faith obliterate fear.” I would say “I’m the piece of shit the world revolves around,” but then you’d know where I get all my aphorisms.

By the way, can I just say again how much Lucy liked Caesar’s Palace?


she’s going to be trouble in there eventually

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  1. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Damn, Lucy is cute! With her jaunty little hat all askew!
    Here are some other sayings that may help you: “Take one day at a time”, “the first bite tastes as good as the last, so why eat everything in between?”, “I am worth my goal weight!”, and “nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” Of course, all of these little mantras are from my weekly Weight Watchers meetings (it is a cult, I tell you!), but perhaps you can adjust them to apply to your current professional situation. Best of luck to you!

  2. hilary

    ian, i hear you brother. same issues out here on the east coast, if that makes you feel any better. lucy is beautiful and i’m looking forward to stella meeting her.

  3. killian

    I’m with Tessa on the ferris wheel thing–but maybe if you use the roller-coaster metaphor to describe your life of “speculative careers,” it might be more palatable-yea, even appealing-to you, Ian. Who knows–after all, a wild ride is just a wild ride, eh?


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