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The site traffic on this blog – and I imagine, on all blogs – takes a huge hit in these waning weeks of August, and to be honest, I’m usually gone right now anyway, with my family filling in. Since we’re stuck with each other this August, I’d like to do a little prerequisite Bush-bashing just to keep my anger muscle erect. You know, you liberals, if you don’t keep your righteous indignation member throbbing every few weeks, it’s liable to fall off.

To wit: something incredible happened at Harvard last week. They took normal skin cells, and transformed them into stem cells. This little anecdote, missed by many, may well end up the biggest piece of news in the early 21st century (but of course, we’re distracted by Ali G getting dragged into the ocean by bodyguards because he tackled Pamela Anderson during her DOG’S WEDDING).

Now, the Bush Administration hates science, especially when it proves that fetuses don’t feel pain until the last weeks of pregnancy, or, say, that humans and apes descend from a common ancestor. But all this science-bashing goes away when they see a political opportunity to stall progress in the name of some far-off advance in technology.

Now that Harvard “made” stem cells, right-wing wackos are saying that we should go ahead and stop funding of fetal stem cells because the shit will soon be growing on trees. Never mind that the Harvard technology could take decades. In the meantime, all you people with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration and complete paralysis can FUCK OFF in the name of conservative deal-brokering.

Bush has done this before. By hyping futuristic hydrogen fuel-cell cars with one hand while handing Detroit the mushiest, least-effective energy bill possible, he has mortgaged my daughter’s future. Hydrogen fuel cell cars, despite breathless reports by occasional science magazines, might not be energy savers for another two decades. In the meantime, his administration has shown ZERO interest in hybrid vehicles, which could start saving the planet NOW because… well, fuck it. You know why.

Again, this shit isn’t funny anymore. To quote Morrissey, as one should in these situations, “it’s too close to home, it’s too near the bone.”

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  1. jboogie

    Always funny to hear the left-wingers talking about science.
    Within eighteen days from conception, the baby has a beating heart. By day #60, the beating heart can be heard with an ultrasound stethoscope. Brain waves have been found within 40 days of conception. The left-wingers hate to admit that science, and notice none of that was stated above. They don’t hear those facts on left-wing NPR or on the front page of the liberal rag New York Times. Now the left-wingers think because a person doesn’t feel pain, they can come along and kill it, people under anesthesia don’t feel pain – doesn’t mean you can come along and kill them, but they don’t hear that side of the debate on NPR or the NY TIMES or the daily Kos blog.
    The left-wigners don’t know the first thing about science, as long as they can keep their baby-killing industry alive and NARAL can keep pulling in the money and then funnel that money to the DNC, that is the only thing the left-wingers care about. The more babies that are killed, the more money the Democratic party makes, that is all the left-wingers care about.

  2. kaz

    i don’t think that jboogie should get away with a handful of responses, but i can’t even begin to respond in any intelligent way to the vitriol and irrational blather. i’m left speechless. so, instead, i’ll address the issue of science-bashing and spin in the news by referencing a letter that strikes me as a brilliant summary and reminder of what science is about:
    A Theory, in Science
    Published: August 8, 2005, Monday
    To the Editor:
    Re ”Design for Confusion,” by Paul Krugman (column, Aug. 5):
    One of the most effective arguments used by proponents of creationism or intelligent design to create the impression that the scientific consensus on evolution has shaky foundations is that evolution is ”just a theory.”
    That this statement really is persuasive to many people reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of the word ”theory” in a scientific context.
    It does not imply fundamental disagreement; quite the contrary. The word theory is applied only to an idea supported by facts and analyses of those facts by experts on the subject.
    That scientists do not refer to evolutionary theory as fact is only a reflection of the scientific mentality of continuing to question assumptions and being open to new evidence; it does not imply that there is any competing theory that is considered viable by the scientific community.
    Elizabeth S. Meckes
    Palo Alto, Calif., Aug. 5, 2005

  3. Dave

    100% correct jboogie, you summarized the hypocrisy that is the modern day Democratic Party.
    As a former Democrat that woke up when the Democratic party started to ban free speech back in 1992 by not allowing certain Democrats such as governor Robert Casey speak at the convention, money speaks louder than words for these modern day Democrats. Also, do not differentiate between N.A.R.A.L. and the modern day Democratic party, they are one and the same. If you go to the N.A.R.A.L. website, all you see is the same rhetoric as MoveOn and other modern day Democratic party puppet group websites. Nowhere on that N.A.R.A.L. website do they talk about baby development, the modern day Democrat idealogues know that the facts on baby development do not support their positions. And the Democrats know the scientific facts do not support them, that is why they ban those people from speaking at the Democratic conventions, that is why people are leaving the Democratic party behind , if you can think for yourself and make up your own mind from facts presented, then you have no need for the modern day Democratic party.

  4. joe q.

    By “the last weeks of pregnancy” do you mean to imply that we needn’t bother with the thousands of premature births? Do you suggest that we redirect the enormous resources devoted to keeping them alive? Should I have simply tossed out my premature son, since he didn’t feel pain?
    My point is that not only those opposed to abortion may misinterpret or misreport science to fit personal agendas.
    Frankly, after reading the entire article, it seems barbaric to even have the discussion. It reads more like a transcript from the Nuremberg trials. Really, what does pain have to do with it anyway? If you have to rationalize abortion by saying that it doesn’t hurt, you already know it’s wrong.

  5. tregen

    Let me guess Jboogie… Your a Christian, you support Bush and believe that killing Islamic civilians is okay but only if it is done to protect “God’s” chosen few, Americans.
    I digress, I know there are a few Christians who read the blog, so I’m hoping to get a straight answer to this question. Is there a Devil? Does “he” exist? Thanks for any replies.

  6. Tanya

    Oh yay. For the first time in a few weeks, Ian offers an interesting rant on his view of the state of the nation and instead of a lively debate among intelligent people, we’re treated to the crazed ramblings of some nutcakes. (with a few exceptions of course – Greg et. al – you’re too funny!)
    I’m a vehemently pro-choice, pro-nuclear energy, anti-gun, non-smoking, pro-1st amendment (even including the protection of flag burning), anti-welfare, very patriotic Anti-Bush American wife and mother. And dammit, I would’ve enjoyed an intelligent conversation here because obviously not every fits into one category or the other.

  7. cullen

    I”m Christian, anti-Bush, oxymoron, and a non-lurker here who’s wondering which righties who stake out this blog like white on rice are Chapel Hellians and which are Dick Dookwads and the like? Lay off MY man I-an, the mother is bi-coastal rite now! Glad he’s not a rapper. Props out Luce, BTW.
    Feels like a football Friday somehow with all the big talk though. (great name jboogieman)
    Get at ’em boys (and girls).

  8. oliver

    I’m not up on all the science, but I think I read recently they’ve discovered that cows and chickens have detectable heart beats. The really horrifying discovery for meat eaters, though, has been that unlike human fetuses at the stage at which most abortions occur, these cows and chickens have brains and are actually conscious. It’s hard to imagine anybody could value life so little as to buy a hamburger for $2.

  9. tregen

    I need a good strong drink. One of the things I hate about Southern Cali is you can’t walk out your office door and into any one of 10 good bars and have a drink in some decent dive. I miss NY / DC.
    Nice post
    Jboogie, what about it? What do you think about killing civilians in Iraq?

  10. Tim

    Besides, jboogie’s “fundamental” “premise” is that abortion is wrong because there’s a heartbeat. As oliver points out, that’s just stupid. All kinds of things have heartbeats. Including Iraqi civilians.


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