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That’s the thing about getting all hot and bothered on the blog; you can always post pictures of the baby when things get a little too steamy. And after a day like today, which was very difficult, it was so wonderful to come home to our little trooper. She just started sleep training – our own version of Ferberizing, I guess – and is doing really well, even though her cries are pure anguish for us. She always stops pretty quickly, however, and goes fast asleep, and I feel like I can hear the air crackling with her learning. It’s hard to describe.

Anyway, here are some pics from the last week or so… first off, I’m glad we gave birth to a chick that really appreciates a good road trip, you know, so we can burn more fossil fuels as a family. As long as it doesn’t go more than 4-5 hours:


In New York last week, Lucy met (what I hope to be) one of her future best friends, as Laurie and George Gilmore gave birth to the beautiful little Polly:


Tessa’s mom Sandy came this last weekend, so I thought a little genetic documentation of recessive blue eye genes were in order:


And I know babies cry, and La Lux is no exception, but she really is a happy kid most of the time, and makes her parents feel so unbelievably blessed. Lucy, if you ever read this years from now, I want you to know that you bring your mom and me an insane amount of joy every waking hour.


it’s just the sleeping hours that could still use work

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  1. Just Andrew

    frequently I have my wife read the blog, but I have to shelter her from ones like this one. Last time I showed her one featuring Lucy, all I heard for a solid week was about wanting a baby again and trying for a girl this time (we have 2 boys).
    Hon, if you’re reading this at work, yes Lucy is VERY cute and NO, ain’t gonna happen, 2 is plenty.

  2. ditto

    That’s dandy just Andy, and the same message out to my spouse, tho’ she’s not a frequent blog-checker. It’s 2 and we be through here, a pre-dominant 4 recessive sets of true baby blues is enough for one Heel House.
    Rah, rah Carolina, ‘Lina, …………

  3. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Ugh. . . my work has been keeping me too busy to comment in the early hours. The nerve! The Insurance Job is just gonna have to wait a few minutes while I comment on Lucy.
    She is so damn cute!!! I agree with Just Andrew. . . seeing a cutie baby like Lucy gets my ovaries in an uproar. My daughter started first grade yesterday, and while we are still considering ourselves a “one and done” family, I have to admit that seeing Lucy makes me want to have another baby. Oh, the cuteness of it all! The smiles! The cuddles! The cutie baby feet! The sweet after-bath baby smell! If I end up getting knocked up this year, it is going to be all your fault.
    And pretty, precious Polly! She is so dear — what great hair! I remember reading about your friends Laurie and George’s wedding a while back, and already a little baby. So sweet!
    I feel like time is passing me by here in my cubicle, in a good way. I have been reading your blog for almost 2 years now? Can it be? It’s like one big soap opera, and I am hooked. I remember the engagements, the weddings, the pregnancy announcements, and now the little babies. You gotta keep writing this blog, Ian. I am looking forward to seeing photos of Lucy in her prom dress!

  4. Claudia

    Lucy and Polly are beautiful! I love the pic of the two of them–it shows how much the little ones grow in just a matter of months.
    KJF–why inject politics into baby-time? Let us “right wingers” just enjoy complimenting the babies.

  5. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Seeing as though I am a veteran XTCIAN reader, please let me direct all onlookers to Ian’s 4/4/04 post (conveniently archived) to see beautiful Polly’s equally stunning parents. I remembered reading about them because a) Laurie’s dress was gorgeous, b) Laurie and George are a beautiful couple, and c) I love to read about great things happening to great people I don’t know! Call me a voyeur, I don’t mind! Plus, a Vegas drive-thru wedding — how cool is THAT!!!!
    Best wishes to Polly and her parents. The Gilmore family is a family I want to read about for years to come as well (another example of talent in spades), so please make sure that they have some cameo appearances in your blog/soap opera, okay?

  6. scruggs

    Lucy seems like a trooper indeed…very adaptable and goes with the flow. Though I’d dig a good road trip too if I was cruising in a fancy Peg Perego car seat.

  7. Matt

    “why inject politics into baby-time?”
    There’s something wrong with people who can’t turn off the politics, ever.


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