0 thoughts on “shuffle all songs

  1. jif

    honestly, i would be so happy if your blog consisted of at least one lucy shot per day. i love her expressions….. she is adorable!!!!!

  2. Rich

    iTod? iLuc? Very cute. My partner and I have no plans to have kids, but many of our friends are having them like crazy, and what we love to do is go shopping for baby clothing just like what Lucy’s wearing. Target’s full of great stuff like that. As it is, we buy crazy halloween costumes for our two labrador retrievers. Okay, not just Halloween, but almost every holiday.
    Here’s to kids and pups wearing cute clothing.

  3. kjf

    as always she is adorable! but the real question is did daddy get one of those ipod nanos when he was in the apple store buying that cute shirt?


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