and jupiter aligns with mars


Well, here it is, the end of September, and I’d officially like to yell a giant HUZZAH to the Babies of Fiscal Year 2004-05! That’s right, we had twelve friends (actually more) give birth to their firstborn this fiscal year, so here’s the calendar you’ve all been waiting for!


at two days

Ms. August: Lucy Kent Blake-Williams – Conceived in the sweltering days of late summer, Lucy is one baby that will never say “no” to vacation! She loves a swimming pool and likes splashing around sans clothes while screaming nonsense!


Mr. September: Hank Drucker – Moody yet brilliant, Hank was born to Nell Casey and Jesse Drucker just after Lucy. Look for him to play 2nd base for the 2026 Mets.


Mr. October: Jackson Bowen – Ladies’ man Jack gets going in late fall, just like his father’s theater seasons. Born in December to Lindsay and Dana, he has promised to look after Lucy’s honor until she can look after it herself.


Ms. November: Polly Gilmore – The tousled-haired child of Laurie Williams Gilmore and Giblet frontman George, her black-Irish locks and brooding Welsh nature make her an autumnal delight!


Mr. December: Noah Lyon-Hartley – Gorgeous blue eyes and a shock of red hair make Jason and Tim’s little boy the English bloke you want on your side during a pub fight! A Dickens hero come to life, he’ll sing bass during “God Rest Ye Merry”!


Mr. January: Noah Jost – Back to back with another redhead named Noah, Stasia and Jim’s handsome fella is a charmer who might be our year’s comic, keeping the winters warm and brisk.


Ms. February: Lyra Smith Kois – A Valentine’s Day heartbreaker, Lyra strums her own harp. Will any of the boys escape her spell?


Mr. March: Cogan McMichaels – Born with bangs – BANGS I tell you – Cogan’s next move will be fronting a hair band before settling into a richly rewarding singer-songwriter oeuvre. Many songs will be written about parents Matt and Carrie, who will try to revoke his poetic license.


Ms. April: Stella Rose Leftwich Murphy – With a name that rivals Lucy’s, Hilary Howard and Jy Murphy’s punkin arrived just a week before ours. Spring showers us with Stella’s wit, destined for the Paper of Record.


Mr. May: Finley Dunn – Summer coming? Finn’s your man. Born in December to Pink House alum Penny Franks and Matthew Dunn, Finn will be the first to suggest a plunge in the lake off the rope swing.


Ms. June: Bella Gwendolyn Tessman – Bella made her debut last month to Tessa’s cousins Paul and Heather Tessman, and is currently sleeping, dreaming of June flowers and fields of lavender.


Mr. July: Benjamin Samuels – The last of the class of Fiscal Year 2004-05, Virginia Heffernan and David Samuels’ very Gentle Ben will be the editor we always wanted: firm, decisive, funny, empathetic… and very loose with his contacts at the New Yorker.

Props also to the other members of the fiscal year (go Kathy, Jenny O. and JJE!) but sleep deprivation is stalling my brain. Also to those friends who plowed the road before us – among them, Cath & Jon, Lorraine & Alex, David & Farah, the Kellerans and all the commenters whose sage advice truly saved our ass in the early trenches. Also, I’d like to thank the Deity of everyone’s choice that we were all so blessed with healthy little whippersnappers. I’m in awe of all of them.


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  1. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    I don’t think my heart can take such sweetness. . . all in one blog entry! Adorable. Hey, I thought I was the only one who liked to splash around sans clothes, screaming nonsense! Go Lucy! You’re a girl after my own heart!

  2. killian

    hey. . . multigenerational (I’m the oldie) grrrls splashing around sans clothing, screaming nonsense. . . sounds like performance art to me. . . can we get a venue????
    seriously, a beautiful blog with beautiful predictions about beautiful children—i’d have better adjectives if my coffee were finished . . .
    Bless you for this entry!!!!!

  3. Just Andrew

    That certainly does appear to be Dean in that photo. Judging by the rack of his books behind him, I’m guessing young Cogan went to a book signing.
    If you go to and type in rashad mccants, the first picture you see is him holding my son a couple of years ago.

  4. oliver

    “all the commenters whose sage advice truly saved our ass”
    It is as the Flemmish proverb says: They shit through the same hole.

  5. Rebecca

    Andrew, your son is adorable! He looks so happy with Rashad.
    The babies are all beautiful! And their names are amazing. Are their no children named Michael, Matthew and David anymore? How about Jennifer, Kelly or Tracy? Those names were so overused in the late 60’s and early 70’s, I guess none of us want give them to our own kids.
    Very cute pictures, thanks for sharing!

  6. JJE

    Absolutely gorgeous, all of them. I think Connor is already dreaming of a playdate with Lucy! You know, if she’s okay with younger men and all… ;-)
    And thanks for the shout-out. Perfect day for it, too – it’s Connor’s three month birthday! (Also known as the day I annoy him endlessly, snapping pics of him with a small basketball and a beanie baby ram.)
    Next Thursday and Sunday are the anniversaries of his retrieval and transfer, so it’s been an amazing year. I still can’t believe I’m really someone’s Mom!

  7. david

    i promised myself. i will not post. i will not post. i, ah crap. baby channel. all day all night.
    there’s your pitch.
    diaper to diaper advertising. babies like babies. gandparents like babies. women like babies. puppies like babies. even single men like babies.

  8. david

    but, none of that, Look Who’s Talking crap. only real baby noises. the good stuff.
    and they are all adorable. looks like a bumper crop this year.


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