incense and peppermints


As many of you know, we take Halloween very seriously in our household. First, was the viewing of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” in which Lucy got to watch Lucy:


I guess our tyke in a panda costume was pretty much a no-brainer:


And what were we, might you ask? Tessa was a “bunny librarian.” I was a member of the 1960s art-pop band The Left Banke, who had a hit with “Walk Away Renee.” I was also a member of The Zombies, and perhaps even The Strawberry Alarm Clock.


Traffic in LA almost derailed us – we spent most of Halloween on Interstate 10:


We ate in Silver Lake, with Lucy now able to sit in a high chair. Despite her love of solids, she was not impressed with the pumpkin ravioli filling. She was, however, obsessed with the duck we brought:


After getting home and putting the panda to bed, Tessa and I listened to the Beatles and carved pumpkins. Happy Halloween, everybody!


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  1. Beth

    Halloween in Park Slope missed you three (although it looks like you compensated for it–Lucy just keeps getting more precious, how does she do it?)! Does the TV deal mean you won’t be back in NYC for a while yet? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. Greg from Winston Dorm

    Dude, your costume was more Scritti Politti, sans the lead singer’s signature jacket with the sleeves pushed up. I half expected you to break out into “A Perfect Way.”

  3. badbob

    I wore a polar fleece top. With a hole cut in the front and edged in jagged red polarfleece. Two-Foot’s head stuck out of that… It was quite effective and much praise was given.
    I’m not even sure whether we were doing Total Recall, or Alien, or whatever parasitic twin/chest-burster show. It just worked.
    Our other costume set is to dress mom and the baby up as a pair of Snowths. (google snowths…) while I put on the green shag tunic….

  4. kaz

    adorable. were you at netty’s…?! how could lucy not appreciate the pumpkin ravioli? it’s the best!! happy halloween!

  5. Greg from Winston Dorm

    Okay, so I was wrong about the pushed up jacket sleeves . . . but you gotta admit I nailed the image. Here is what I found in my 45 second search of Google for SCRITTI POLITTI:
    Killian, how long did it take you to either buy that song from iTunes or dig up your old cassette tapes?

  6. killian

    Greg–Cassette tapes, thank you very much. And it was WAAAAAY too fast to really admit. Let’s just say those cutie pie’s are in “heavy rotation”. . . .
    BTW, LOVED the link!


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