that redhead PGA golfer just blew a gasket, Fuzzy!


CODE WORD, so here are some images for your viewing pleasure.

This is what I look like after being fed through Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2005 “Game Face II” mode, where you can actually change the width of your nostrils, shape of your cheekbones, everything. I’m not sure how close I got, but when I fuck up a shot on the fairway, it looks an awful lot like me throwing a tantrum:


Actually, I’m beginning to look pretty silly in real life:


I suppose every kid has a picture when they suddenly go from “being an infant” to “being a strangely sentient creature with something up their sleeve.” This is Lucy’s first picture like that:


with Rick Gradone and the Mommy

Oh, and if you want a couple more KYOOOTE pictures of the Bug, go see Michelle’s blog for today.

I’ve been pulling my metaphorical pants down for years – anyone out there want to share pictures?