that redhead PGA golfer just blew a gasket, Fuzzy!


CODE WORD, so here are some images for your viewing pleasure.

This is what I look like after being fed through Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2005 “Game Face II” mode, where you can actually change the width of your nostrils, shape of your cheekbones, everything. I’m not sure how close I got, but when I fuck up a shot on the fairway, it looks an awful lot like me throwing a tantrum:


Actually, I’m beginning to look pretty silly in real life:


I suppose every kid has a picture when they suddenly go from “being an infant” to “being a strangely sentient creature with something up their sleeve.” This is Lucy’s first picture like that:


with Rick Gradone and the Mommy

Oh, and if you want a couple more KYOOOTE pictures of the Bug, go see Michelle’s blog for today.

I’ve been pulling my metaphorical pants down for years – anyone out there want to share pictures?

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  1. LFMD

    Ugh. I see that Access is Denied. Click on my name/URL to see the photo.
    Scruggs! Cute photos! Your son is adorable, and your cute little Carolina family should be on the cover of the next alumni magazine. Hey, is that Uga the Bulldog at Halloween? My brother got his MBA at UGA . . . thanks for sharing!

  2. Helen's Mama

    Click on the URL/name for a photo taken of Helen during a hike this past weekend at Catoctin National Park.
    Believe me, little girls go from age 6 months to 6 years in a heartbeat. Not to sound all Hallmark-y, but. . . be sure and treasure every moment!

  3. JJE

    Scruggs! I love the pic of Nicolas in his Halloween costume and the lawn mower picture is absolutely priceless.
    LMFD – I still can’t access your pic for some reason.
    I set up a quick album on shutterfly. Here’s hoping it works if you click on “JJE.” It’s mostly my baby boy, but I included the only digital picture I have of Cobi, a fact that makes me very sad. For some reason, it’s in B&W, so picture a gorgeous cream colored cat with light apricot markings and big blue eyes. He looks a little cross in the picture, but it was probably because he was waiting on me to fill his bowl! Obviously he loved to eat…

  4. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Drats. All of your photos are so cute. . . and I don’t even know how to link mine. Hell with it, I am sending you guys the link to a blog that I have been keeping. It is not witty, it is not clever, it is not even interesting. I started it a few months ago (inspired by Ian’s blog) — it is just a blog from me to my daughter. My intention is for it to be a record for her to keep (since I keep losing letters I write to her and other momentos. . . at least the Internet can’t be lost). ANYWAY, it is extremely cornball and saccharin-y, but hey, Helen is my audience, and she is just 6 years old! You’ll find no profanity or venting. No political discussion. No celebrity chatter. Not even a mention of my Lexapro intake (not yet, anyway).
    Again, it is boring, but I would like to share some photos with you guys, since it occurred to me that I “communicate” with you on a more regular basis than some of my relatives!
    Sorry for the rambling. Here it is. If this link does not work, I give up on my lack of Internet skills.

  5. Claudia

    What lovely children!
    LFMD, your blog is beautiful. What a great idea. I’m sure your daughter will love looking back on your posts as she gets older.
    I won’t post pictures, but Chris M looks like Steve McQueen. Oh, and I look exactly like a cross between Catherine Zeta-Jones and a tattoo-free Angelina Jolie. EXACTLY.

  6. LFMD

    Thanks, Claudia. I figure that when Helen is a teenager, telling me that she “hates me” and that I am a big embarrassment, I can at least have documented proof of some sweet moments!
    Oh, you may not be able to tell from the photos, but I really look like Julia Roberts. A five- foot-tall Julia Roberts. And, Tim thinks he is sporting the “Tom Cruise Mission Impossible”/”Brad Pitt in Fight Club” buzz cut. I haven’t told him any different.

  7. Rich

    Okay – we ain’t got kids. Well, not the human sort. But ask any person with pets and they will all tell you that their animals are indeed their babies. This is what we sent out for Halloween. Note: the chocolate one loves to wear costumes, the black one merely tolerates it until he gets the treat that’s been held above the camera.

  8. LFMD

    Rich! Your photos made me laugh out loud during a Medicare conference call! And my phone was not on mute! I especially love the pup’s expression in the lady bug costume!
    Your fur children are adorable.

  9. scruggs

    LFMD, thanks very much. We are trying to indoctrinate the kid from the start. I had to include this year’s halloween photo with our triplet neighbors and their UGA cheerleader outfits due to yesterday’s reference to such garb. The dog was a neighbor’s imposter of “UGA” but still convincing, good catch!
    JJE, sorry to read about Cobi and that P was probably still in NYC when you had to make your decision and dr’s visit alone. Definitely don’t second guess yourself, it was a final loving and unselfish act.
    I am wanting to see all of these great pictures, but at work all I get is ACCESS DENIED across the board. I will have to check them out at home.

  10. Emily

    All the kids (furry and fur-less) are very cute!
    I don’t have any pictures of my cats, but if you guys want to see drunk college students, I could hook that up.

  11. hilary

    lfmd: a blog meant just for your daughter: brilliant! i might just have to steal your idea…thank you for sharing it with us

  12. Rich

    Laurie – nice blog! I suppose the idea of recording life for your daughter electronically is really no different than my dad constantly chasing me (and my sister) around the house with the Kodak 8mm silent camera for years on end. At the time we found it annoying at times and, on occasion, intrusive. But I wouldn’t trade any of that now that I get to catch unsteady and sometimes unfocused glimpses of the past. Good work on the new-age scrapbook!
    PS – hope your conference call wasn’t ruined!

  13. CL

    LFMD – great blog! You and Tim and Helen are all cute.
    By the way, the photo of me that I posted is me as a 2-year-old (circa 1974). I’m the kid in that one, not the mom. The mom is my mom.

  14. LFMD

    CL — your bathing suit is so groovy! That is the kind of suit I always wanted but never got! Your mom must have been a Hip Mama, with her straight long hair and her little girl looking all cool. My mom always had me looking like a dork.
    Rebecca — your little kids are so cute! Your red-headed daughter looks like the daughter I had envisioned when I was pregnant! I had the same red curly hair when I was little.
    Everyone’s photos are so damn cute! This has been the best day working in my cube ever. : )
    And, Rich — after my big belly laugh, there was total silence. The moderator of the call had to compose herself, seeing as though my laugh came at a completely inappropriate time. I never identified myself, so I suppose they figured it was just some crazy Insurance Job employee, cracking under pressure. It happens all the time here in Cubicle World. . .
    Um, Ian, when is our party? We all look kind of normal. Can our pets come too?

  15. Beth

    God, I actually joined Shutterfly just so I could post some pictures of my babies. But, well, I’ve been meaning to join anyway, and I was overcome by the wonderful community feeling here today…thanks, everyone, for sharing such great pictures and sentiments!
    (I think I did it right.)

  16. Nicola

    I’ll jump in on this action of sharing photos of my kids! I posted these pictures on my blog last week after Halloween. Talk about seeing children grow up in front of your eyes…we witnessed Lindsay’s first Halloween as The Great Pumpkin (head) and Ella’s 5th Halloween as a much-too-mature CinderElla. When we got this photo emailed to us from her mother (my husband’s ex), we thought, “Oh shit! When did our nearly 6 year old turn nearly 16?!”

  17. JJE

    What about Chapel Hill? C’mon, you all know you want to congregate in the “Southern Part of Heaven” in the springtime. I can already see t-shirts for “IanTessaLucyChopespalooza!”
    Loved looking at everyone’s pics and LFMD’s blog (I’m feeling inspired to do the same, Laurie). Obviously we’ve the most attractive and intelligent blog readers in blogdom, with the most genetically blessed offspring/parents/siblings and coolest pets ever.

  18. LFMD

    I agree with JJE. I have never seen such a charming group of folks as your blog readers. (And, Beth, thanks to you, I think that I am a dog person AND a cat person now! Your babies are precious!)
    When your big show biz news is finally revealed, maybe you can invite all of us to LA for some kind of red carpet affair. Based on the E! shows I watch, that happens all the time.


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