I’m doing this illegally, sitting in my car in the middle of Durham, stealing wifi off someone’s transmitter, and I think someone just called the cops.


Journey well made, arrived safe and sound. Hope to see any of you at either football or basketball game. Have a wonderful weekend!

*peels away*

0 thoughts on “wardriving

  1. Thaddaeus

    There’s free wifi at Francesca’s and all over downtown Carrboro. Surf to your heart’s content, and without fear of subsequent incarceration.

  2. scruggs

    Definitely pull us through vs. Dook. I haven’t seen a freakin’ noon-1 game of ours all season (except for going to BC game), as that’s when my soccer league has games, and then tomorrow, I’ll be at the Georgia-Kentucky game. It should be interesting to see a football game at a football school.
    But tonight is the U2 concert. yay.

  3. Just Andrew

    and more free wifi at the Local 506, which is now owned by Glenn Boothe, who some of you might remember from XYC. One of the greatest guys around Chapel Hill.

  4. Bud

    That would be fine, Ken. IIRC, people place special orders there all the time.
    To get the proper Hector’s experience, though — before you eat your sandwich, get properly drunk and stand in line for 20 minutes or so, preferably in a loud, crowded place with a sizzling, greasy grill…. :D


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