peel your banana and UNGH! take a bite



Let the indoctrination begin!

As I’ve said before, I don’t expect people who went to other schools to understand the whole ethic of being a rabid Carolina fan – in fact, when I was a know-it-all eighth grader, I looked upon, say, your average Alabama football fan as one of the most eye-rollingly pathetic creatures in America. Hell, I still look at other schools, like Mississippi State with their cowbells and shit and wonder what the hell is wrong with those people.

But we all have our irrational religions, and this is mine. And now Lucy’s. And sort of Tessa’s, although I should note that this football game against Dook was not just Lucy’s first game, but Tessa’s as well. She was too busy having parties with the Cellar Door clique on N. Graham Street to ever come to Kenan Stadium, but better late than never, eh?

Saturday was something of a astronomic event in the celestial skies of UNC: a football and basketball game on the same day. Both played against teams we should have walloped, but instead, won both in the last seconds. It was definitely exciting, so my girls got their money’s worth, but the crowd noise was just too much for Lucy at times. Once, when a Dook player gave our quarterback a late hit and the stadium freaked out, she started bawling like a newborn.

Is it bad parenting to admit that I think it’s unbelievably cute when she really wails?

Anyway, after Ol’ Ironsides went to bed, a bunch of us went to the Dean Dome to catch Gardner-Webb (a school located in Boiling Springs, NC I’m told) and thanks to the true-blue brotherhood of excellent dudes, Chuck and Craighill got us unbelievably great seats. There is nothing like the squeak of the shoe and actually hearing the ball bounce.


Chapel Hill and Durham are currently at the bend of their shoulder season: these are the days when the weather creaks into miserable, with short respites of gorgeous. Being here with Lee and Suzanne has been a breath-catching, soul-sating weekend that we intend to stretch out a little longer (because Tessa’s a little sick, and as you can see above, I need a haircut like the deserts need the rain).

On Tuesday we head to Boston, where it is snowing. We don’t even have jackets. Someone please provide hints on blood thickening, because everyone’s toes are still on Venice Standard Time.

0 thoughts on “peel your banana and UNGH! take a bite

  1. LFMD

    Love that mascot photo! Looks like you’ve got the winning photo for your Blake-Williams Family Holiday Card! Just use photoshop or whatever to insert Lucy and Chopes in there. . . glad that you had a good weekend.
    No jackets??? I suggest you log on to and order yourself some toasty coats, and have them shipped to your destination.

  2. killian

    I just left Boston yesterday, [and thereby missed you here in Ch-hill :( ] and it was nice and sunny and 40. So sorry. I like LFMD’s idea-and add some wool socks.
    Glad the Carolina game rocked–I am another rabid Tarheel who never made it to the football field. Early indoctrination is good: Lucy will either be “yellow dog” from the get-go, or have some really juicy rebellion to act out!

  3. Just Andrew

    As another rabid fan, congrats on the indoctrination. Important stuff.
    Last Christmas, thanks to the generousity of a great guy I knew only from UNC message boards, I was able to take 4 generations of Tar Heels to a basketball game – my older son got to see his first game with me, my father and my grandfather.

  4. Cris

    Ian- I’m leaving Boston Thursday morning to head for Chapel Hill to spend T-giving with my parents. Will be back Saturday afternoon. Sounds like I might miss you yet again but if we overlap at all in Boston would absolutely *LOVE* to meet you guys for coffee or something. It would be fantastic to catch up with Tessa again and finally meet you and Lucy. If you’re around on Wednesday with a spare moment or still here through the weekend, drop me a line at Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Tim

    Let me assure you that it is not currently snowing in Boston. Yahoo tells me that it is currently 51, and the high today is supposed to be 56. Mind you, it’s pretty chilly out here on the harbor, but I’m used to that. They are threatening us with rain/snow mix for Thursday, and it is supposed to be frigid Wed and Fri. Even so, I guess what I’m saying is … it could be a whole lot worse. I’ve been stranded at Logan on Thanksgiving Eve for 8+ hours on more than one occasion. Jackets, however, are a must.

  6. k

    Ian I’m totally blanking on the 3 rules you & Tessa came up with for Lucy. I can only remember the first one: No Duke. What are the other two?

  7. scruggs

    At least you’re near an REI to arm yourself with fleece.
    We fly into Westchester Co. airport on Thursday for a 10 day jaunt to the NY/CT area. Anyone know of a decent place to watch Carolina games that IS NOT in Manhattan and/or Brother Jimmy’s? The football game vs. VT determines our bowl eligibility, and we have a bball rematch (in name only!) with Ill. while we are up that way.

  8. Ian

    K- It was “No Duke, no Jesus, no Motorcycles.”
    Tessa hates it when I say that, though. I always add that I actually totally dig on Jesus, it was mostly just a joke on “no rabid fundamentalism.”

  9. Andy

    Ian – great seeing you and Tessa at the basketball game. I’m so sad that I didn’t get to meet Lucy! Maybe next time. Safe travels!

  10. emma

    Speaking of early indoctrination, on Saturday my two year old daughter occassionally shouted out “Go Tar Heels!” from the end zone. I couldn’t get her to say “Beat Dook” though. My husband has said many times that our children can go to any college they want to, as long as it is in the city limits of Chapel Hill.

  11. fiend

    Sandwiched in between the football and the basketball, you could have caught the women’s soccer team thrashing Pepperdine in the third round of the NCAA tournament, setting three new records in the process.

  12. summer

    speaking of celestial, check out the chem trails in the photo behind your head… what are those things, eh? they’re everywhere… how bout a Williams diatribe on said topic?…


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