root vegetables



Yes, CODE WORD. Must recover from the weekend and sleep deprivation.

But in the meantime, what do you want for Christmas?

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  1. k

    – the sex & the city boxset
    – a finished design portfolio to get me a job in nyc
    – a renewed semblance of sanity once said portfolio is complete

  2. Beth

    It’s a present only I can give myself, but I’d like to take life more in stride–to be a little less worried, a little less spring-loaded to the pissed-off position.
    Failing that (or, optimistically, in addition to it), I’d like our kitchen renovation to be beautiful. And, Santa, maybe a little less noisy and dusty. Cough, choke.

  3. JJE

    More sleep. Preferably in long stretches.
    Lots of cool Haba toys. For the kid. Not me. Honest.
    First Christmas with my baby = best Christmas EVER.

  4. eric g.

    Withdrawal from Iraq and:
    (1) a new top for my alfa
    (2) furniture(!)
    (3) the buffy the vampire slayer complete series box set
    (4) a finished screenplay
    (5) at least one win over duke this hoops season(hey, it’s a wish list)


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