dotting i’s, minding p’s, q’s


I’m taking this week off and so should you. See you next year, and be safe! TO THE EXTREME!

0 thoughts on “dotting i’s, minding p’s, q’s

  1. oliver

    Taking the week off?! What about your implicit social contract? The social contract does not provide an end-of-the year week off. I’ve read it. Your life is ours, Williams. We expect you back at the keyboard every day this week as usual. And make it entertaining.

  2. LFMD

    Knock knock. Anybody there? I just had the Christmas from Hell, and I need some good news. TV show? Lucy photos?

  3. Rebecca

    LFMD: I’m assuming from your comments above that your Mother-In-Law may have died over the past week. And if so, I’m so sorry! Please fill us in on the details. We’re here for you! A big cyber-hug from me to you.


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