walking pneumatics


Christmas: 12 or so of my family show up from around the country. Everyone has a cold.

Boxing Day: I get the flu despite having had the shot. In bed for four days.

New Year’s Eve: Flu subsides for a few minutes, then comes back full blast for another week. Lucy gets her first cold and can’t sleep.

First week of January: I get a full-blown throat infection. Can’t swallow. Lucy gets ANOTHER cold. Starts sleeping less and is clearly miserable.

Second week of January: Tessa’s lungs start to close up and she needs asthma medication to breathe. Lucy still has dreadful cold, waking up from her own coughing.

Two days ago: We fly to California. Lucy throws up all over the kitchen and the hallway. Tessa and I are so tired we fall asleep at 9pm.

Last night: Tessa throws up roughly the same way Lucy did.

We can’t stand it anymore. Please, please, let us all be well.

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  1. LFMD

    Looks like you are next on the projectile vomiting list. Yuck.
    This weekend, relatives will be arriving from all parts of the US for my mother-in-law’s memorial on Monday. We are expecting 150+ people. I cringe in fear just thinking about all of the colds, illnesses, etc. that are headed our way! We are all healthy in my household and I don’t want any new germs. . .

  2. Josie

    I am so sorry you are all feeling so crappy. It’s hard enough to see your Little One sick, but being sick yourselves and having to stay up all night with her, well, that’s just inhumane. Get well soon.

  3. kaz

    ugh, ian, so sorry to hear about the misery…i’m hoping that a few more days in the sunshine will get you all feeling better. keep the liquids flowing, and hang in there.

  4. kjf

    just keep sleeping. and when you wake up hydrate. (and make sure the phones are off) then go back to sleep. feel better soon.

  5. xuxE

    god, that sucks. i get everything the kids get, that is par for the course being the mom and i seem more prone to it anyway. i keep myself and the kids quarrentined and stay out of their dad’s way so at least 1 of us is healthy and he can make trips to the drugstore, get the juice, etc.
    that being said, it is still no walk in the park, especially when your kid is not very verbal yet, i think that sucks the most. my youngest is really stoic and when he was that age he would get terrible ear infections and bronchitis out of the blue when it seemed to us like he was just kind of dragging with a cold then all of a sudden bam he was down for the count.
    anyay don’t forget to change your toothbrushes and disinfect so you don’t keep getting the same thing over and over. those pediacare drinks are good for post-vomit hydration but they taste like ass.

  6. Salem

    Ian, Have you felt any brain swelling? I think all of the creative energy involved in the last year has turned your brain against your body. I’m thinking it’s like the fetus that robs the Mother of nutrients when she doesn’t have the proper pre-natal diet. If you don’t stop growing your brain it could mean disastrous consequences. I picture a fish bowl labeled “Ian” with fat floating brain in front of an I-book with a Firewire cable coming out of the water. Let me recommend a few episodes of “My Sweet Sixteen” on MTV. It should ease the swelling and iron out a few wrinkles.


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