and lick the valleys up


I’m about to drive fourteen hours, so I’m sure you’re all disappointed to learn there will be no rants from me today. Instead, I’ll fall back upon the refuge of a fatherly blogger: a few pictures to give the impression I still take your entertainment needs seriously. Rebecca asked a great question yesterday, and I think it’ll take a few days of driving to come up with the answer.

Until then, I wanted Tessa’s mom to see this nice one of her and the Bug:


Sweet Jackson Bowen joined us to watch the Heels’ historic comeback against Georgia Tech, but not before Lucy stole some of his dinner while he was looking at the camera:


And you know, I love New York with all my heart, and whenever I’m gone, I long for the company of my friends and family and their unbelievable conversation and rapier wit. But this ice-encrusted ATM in the West Village serves as a visual metaphor for why it’s gonna be nice to blow this taco stand for a few months:


0 thoughts on “and lick the valleys up

  1. oliver

    No, the photo says it better. BTW, is Lucy getting cuter? She’s killing me.

  2. Claudia

    To paraphrase Popeye Doyle, “I’d rather be an icy ATM in New York than the President of anywhere else.”
    I wish you the best of luck in CA, though. :)
    P.S. Lucy really looks like you in that picture where she’s taking the food off the highchair.


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