do they go FLIP FLOP


Greetings from Santa Rosa, NM. As Homer Simpson said, “hey, there’s a NEW Mexico!”

First off, a shameful pox on those who did not believe the ducks would be walking to breakfast in the Little Rock morn. As I checked out, they had retired to the wading pool, happy as… well, ducks in water, I suppose.


I know how much everyone clamors for my unusually ironic brand of photojournalism as I traverse this fine country looking for ways to belittle my fellow Americans, but this little piece of tautological signage on a gas pump in Oklahoma always sends my grammar-fiend mother into paroxysms of misery:


Later in the night, I stopped for gas in rural panhandle Texas, where the local teens had descended in order to get their cases of Bud Light before the clock struck midnight. The cashier was not pleased, and when I got to the front of the line, I saw the rock upon which her indignation rested. Next to my deeply faggy Evian (“Does this answer your question?” from the movie “Heathers”) you will see a giant Holy Bible with relevant pages marked for impulse inspiration:


One thing about driving to LA – while my wife and daughter fly – is that the car becomes the repository for all the shit they didn’t want to carry with them. This time I’ve got a massively heavy office chair, bags of shoes… and the Baby Einstein Discover and Play™ Activity Center in the back seat:


This Activity Center says “dog” or “gato” or “cow” and then moos or barks, followed (no lie) by an excerpt from Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony. Then Beethoven’s Fifth. Then “Old McDonald.” And this happens every time I go over a bump, hit a pothole, or take a swift turn off the freeway.

When it is silent, there is also a Fisher-Price bunny rabbit that Chip got Lucy, with about fifteen songs that get sung every time the car jiggles. One in particular:

Do your ears swing low

Do they tumble TO and FRO?

Can you tie them in a knot?

Can you tie them in a bow?

…I’ve heard it so many times that even I have run out of stunningly pornographic alternative lyrics, and that’s saying something. If it has been silent a while, a computer chip kicks in, and the doll screams “HUG ME!” from underneath my golf balls. My relationship to the Baby Einstein and the Fisher-Price rabbit has become a little like Tom Hanks and the volleyball in “Cast Away.”

I’m beginning to talk back. I’m beginning to tell them things. Secrets.

i need to get off the road

0 thoughts on “do they go FLIP FLOP

  1. cullen

    This may be a western north carolina colloquialism, but I believe the correct lyric is ‘wobble to and fro’, do your ears ‘wobble to and fro’?
    As for entertaining mommy and me songs, I’ll have to get a demo/MP3 out there of my own favorite original, “Breast Feeding Mama”; it latches right on and sucks you right in.
    Godspeed. Find a TV at 9 pm EST. Rah, rah, carolina, ‘lina, go to hell STate.

  2. lee

    oooh, that song makes me think of when juliette lewis sang the adult version to brad pitt in that creepy movie. ewwwwww!
    lfmd, i’m glad you’re feeling better today!

  3. Piglet

    Does the rabbit also count to ten to the tune of “La Cucaracha” and say “I Love You” in a vaguely disturbing way? If so, we have the same toy, only it’s a puppy.
    And my mother, who has Alzheimer’s, likes to either repeat everything it says, respond as if it was talking to her, or marvel at what a good ventriloquist little Two-Foot is at her age. Count your blessings that you just have the rabbit to deal with during your road trips.

  4. Sean M.

    I’m sitting in Marco’s, a lovely West Hollywood coffee shop with decent java and, most importantly, FREE WIRELESS, and I just got a lot of strange looks following my fit of laughter imagining the stuffed rabbit yelling “hug me!” from beneath your belongings. Sounds like the makings of a Stephen King novel to me…
    Thanks for that.

  5. caveman

    bet she puts her saturday night special in the carved out pages of the good book, big momma wouldn’t hesitate to give you a quail hunting accident if you even coughed in her general direction

  6. CP

    laurie from manly dorm (is that a UNC dorm? I’ll assume it is…),
    am sorry you’ve been feeling unbalanced and glad you’re feeling somewhat better. if I may, here’s a link to some music you may like:
    it’s not a plug b/c I neither know nor am in any way affiliated with this person save the BIG music crush I have on her. the music is very good, which is saying something since it’s not normally my style (more my style:, plus it’s also workplace appropriate in a vaguely aimee mann meets laura nyro kind of way. hope you enjoy and continue to feel better.

  7. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    CP — aren’t you adorable! Thanks so much for thinking of me. Yes, I am from the Formerly All-Womens’ Dorm with the unfortunate name of Manly, at UNC. Proud resident from 1986 – 1987.
    I will check out the music tonight. . . it sounds perfect! I can count off my med-free days while listening to the tunes you recommended. I just might make it, sanity intact!
    Thanks again, CP. Ian — I love your little community!

  8. xuxE

    cand how about the kids toys with dying batteries? we had one rolling around in the car constantly whining and took the car in to be fixed because we thought it was the engine. as if trips to the mechanic aren’t humiliating enough anyway.
    cullen, you’ll have to share that mp3 with the group. if you want actual mom rock and mom parody i highly recommend this cd: – please buy them for yourself and everyone you know and fund my kids’ college education.

  9. CP

    of course. and thanks for that little bit of tar heel history.
    also, as long as you’re surfing myspace music…
    apparently all the kids are listening to these guys. I’m sort of on the fence but they do sing with these amazing yorkshire (full monty) accents.


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