wish they all could be california


It’s been a while since I had any pictures of The Bug on the website, and since we’re in LA, this is the only way most of my family can see the way she’s growing up. I will say this: Lucy is a giant handful of the most fun you can have. She talks all the time and, as of 11 months, can say “bye bye” and “hi” and “uh-oh”… and “da-da” and “mama,” but her use of our names is still pretty random and arbitrary and we’re still trying to get her to understand that “funny-looking redheaded guy” is actually “da-da,” but CHRIST it breaks my heart to hear it.

Her first words were uttered not for me or my wife, but for my mother, and they were “bye-bye” to our neighbor Rebecca Lowman, seen here:


We have an orange tree in our front yard, and they are beyond delicious. The look on Lucy’s face when she tried her first orange was documented thus:


Another neighbor gave us their kiddie “yard castle” (complete with mailbox), and when she’s inside it, she couldn’t care less about us; she has shit to do, yo. I finally got her to look up from her projects:


Pretty typical scene here: before her bath, she got into her jar of carrots, smeared them all over her body, stood up on the changing table and plastered food all over the walls. She was in such a frenzy that I could barely capture it:


She can stand on her own for about five seconds before grabbing something for balance, or kneeling gently to the floor. Her primary means of transportation is a very fast yet unbelievably inefficient crawl that makes a lot of noise, especially since she’s singing and barking all the way across the house. It’s a lot of work being La Luz, and when she sleeps, my little girl has earned it.


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  1. Kate from the DTH front desk

    Granted I haven’t seen every baby in the world, but I’m willing to bet Lucy is the cutest of them all. I know that everyone says that about every baby, but I really mean it – Lucy is seriously one of the most adorable and most beautiful kids I’ve ever seen. She has such beautiful electric blue eyes and such a great smile.
    Didn’t you post a short video of Lucy in the car once? It’s time for volume two – Lucy crawling.

  2. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Precious with a capital P!
    What kind of a shindig do you have planned for her first birthday? Ian in a Barney suit? Clowns? Cake? Magician? Dora the Explorer goody bags? Carrot wall art?

  3. Joanna

    Beautiful baby and I love the two front teeth look!
    Have you ever noticed how Little Tikes/ Fisher Price large plastic playthings cross all socioeconomic and cultural boundaries? Lucy’s “yard castle” was my son’s first b-day present and I just saw it in the front yard of the pimp’s house in Hustle and Flow. When driving through hollows in WV, I’ve seen them in front of trailers and houses with caved in roofs. Those things can withstand all weather and look good as new with a spitshine. So, you can get them for $100 new, $10 at the thriftstore or as a hand-me-down from your neighbor. They easily trickle through all different kinds of families.

  4. Andy

    We have a Yard Castle too! It was a gift for my daughter (now 7) on either her first birthday. My son played with it after that and it is now a fixutre in the backyard. Too funny.

  5. Chris M

    Love those two little bottom teeth.
    I was thinking the other day, what is it about new teeth on babies, or missing teeth on older kids, that is so totally adorable but when you see an adult with a missing tooth it’s, well, the total opposite of adorable?

  6. LFMD

    Just had to see Lucy again. Cutie Cutiekins! I know what you mean about hearing Lucy call you “Dada.” My daughter is 6 1/2, and she still calls me “Mama.” I love it! Absolutely love it. I hope that she does not call me Mom for a long time. Mama is just so sweet!
    Don’t you just love to see children sleep? They look so angelic. So innocent. I still walk into Helen’s room in the middle of the night just to watch her sleep.
    Ugh. I better go before my ovaries get into an uproar. Lucy is Lovely. Thanks for sharing photos of her!


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