and, like, I totally, like, you know, like


I’d like to take this opportunity of your internet time-wasting to point your concentration over to this girl, who recently set up shop at YouTube. She calls herself “EmoGirl21,” and I confess I’ve now watched everything she’s filmed on her webcam.

Totally safe for work, mind you, but her unflinchingly honest brand of solipsism is so pervasive that you might – dare I say WILL – get Stupid Feeling™. This entry in particular has been making the rounds, due to the fact that she is so depressed as to resort to saying “birds are dying!” while four carefully-placed strands of hair cascade over her face like the cursed bridal veil of Faust’s wife.

It’s actually so great that I find myself teetering between believing she’s actually a member of a UCB comedy troupe, or that she’s actually, well, like that. Sean said that he went to high school with a bunch of girls that were hauntingly similar, and having driven a few of them around with my newly-minted driver’s license, I have to agree.

Michelle had this one friend named Chrissy that had the same death-bangs and spouted similarly vacuous nonsense from the back seat, but unfortunately, Chrissy never had the internet.

That’s what truly separates today’s teens from those of us who did it in the ’80s: we have no permanent record of our mind-blowing self-obsession, nor any video documents of our cosmologically myopic lack of perspective (I saved all of that for my blog, twenty years later).

I like to think, when Hampy, Karyn and I went to our “Sound of Music” cast parties in 1983, we were a bit more self-aware, but I’m not willing to bet money on it. Poor EmoGirl21 is going to have this stuff following her around for years. I hope she’ll be able to laugh it off come her thirtieth birthday – in a weird way, I really quite like the girl.

Also of interest is this concept of “emo.” I was late to its rise as a term (same thing happened with “crucial”), but I’m fairly sure I get it: overly sad, distraught young people who listen to overly sad, distraught music. If that’s the case, then count my ass in, along with my copies of “The Queen is Dead” and “Hatful of Hollow.”

Like any rapacious meme, “emo” changed to mean “all upset people” in a way that said more about the accuser than the accused. O! The irony: a truncation of “emotion.” Poetic on several meta levels. Either way, it’s the kind of thing Kids Today© love to argue about, as evidenced in my nephew’s blog whenever the word gets tossed around.

English: a living language! The internet: Here to humiliate you until the year 2398!

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  1. kate from the DTH front desk

    Like, I like, totally cannot, like, believe that birds are, like, dying.
    I shouldn’t be mean, but I have to finish a 20 page paper for my Comm 70 class, and now I’m never going to finish. I’ve got Stupid Feeling™ after hearing that girl ramble in her, like, valley voice.
    Maybe I can just add some length to my paper by using “like” every other word? I’m not emo, but I think it could work.

  2. Joe

    Thank God I didn’t document whatever passed for my version of Teenage Angst™ when I was only recently pubescent. I can tell people about the dumbass stunts I pulled or the stupid photos I have from those years – or even worse, the College Rock™ years after I moved to CHill – but I have complete editorial control over the content.
    I wish I’d had the Internet when I was a kid, but if so, I also wish I’d had the foresight to see how embarrassing this kind of stuff could be to my Permanent Record™.

  3. scruggs

    Hmmm. She kind of looks like Katie Holmes a little bit…are we sure that’s not her? Sure there is the black around the eyes and the hair in the face. I mean, she hasn’t been out in public lately with this “baby story.” Maybe TC is keeping her in a closet and this is what she’s become!

  4. kent

    If you really want to waste an hour, do some searching on Youtube for
    emogirl21, emokid21ohio
    The conventional wisdom is that both of them are put-ons, which makes it even cooler, because most people doing put-ons are usually blindingly obvious.
    If you search on the tag ’emogirl’ you’ll find a bunch of tributes and parodies as well.
    I’m waiting for “MEME: THE MOVIE” which will feature Emogirl21 and Emokid21Ohio, with appearances by Star Wars Kid and that guy that does the chairdancing to Romanian disco. The soundtrack will feature William Hung, and the Peanut Butter Jelly song.
    If you want something sadder and realer to ponder, a girl named Katrina Hill was murdered in Cedar Rapids sunday, by her ex-boyfriend, and her page is still up.
    I didn’t know her but I used to see her all the time at shows.

  5. TDSUNC92

    that’s extremely horrible and sad. she seemed, from what i’ve seen on her page, very vibrant. that sucks.

  6. Sean Williams

    Emokid21Ohio is how I found Emogirl in the first place. I really don’t think these are parodies, simply because people at this age think these dark things and blogvideos are done when people are alone with their computers.
    I was talking to a doctor friend of mine the other day and he was laughing at stories of my own ludicrous behavior and I asked him why I don’t feel like that any more. He told me that there is a biological shift that happens right around the same time your metabolism shifts into lower gear which really levels out your hostility and anger.
    Which means all I have to look forward to now is “grouchy” once I get old enough to pull it off.

  7. CL

    Your nephew’s entry is funny. I’m glad that kids actually realize there was a time when you couldn’t bring your computer and cell phone to class!!!!
    I’ve thought about what it would have been like to have livejournals and IM in high school, since I was shy and barely talked to anyone…and I’m convinced my journal would have been obnoxious and people woulda hated me more.

  8. caveman

    I mean, like, she was all like “no, way”
    and then, like, I was all like “yes way”
    and then she was like…”what was I saying”
    and I was like “what”

  9. CP

    I actually think it’s fake but that character is BRILLIANT!!! I was laughing so hard snot came flying out. anyway, props to the Nth degree. really fucking funny. really great stuff.
    btw — you can hear her british accent if you listen really closely.
    here’s her myspace:
    emo. classic.

  10. eric g.

    Speaking of there once being a time when you couldn’t bring cellphones and laptops to class, I remember when I first showed up at Carolina, there were still desks with ashtrays in them in some of the classrooms. (Not to mention the basement of the Undergrad…)
    Now I feel old.


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