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Kudos Chapter, Part XVI

In Which We Offer Congratulations to Those Deserving

– First off, kudos to my sister Michelle for single-handedly reviving the arts community in Napa Valley, CA by asking every board member to resign and recreating it anew, with the possibility of massive funding. Breathing artistic life into that valley was like reviving Lazarus, and she bloody well did it.

– Kudos to Lindsay, who just got into law school at Fordham University, and after three years will not only kick ass up and down Broadway, but get paid handsomely for it. Unless, of course, nobody is supposed to know that yet, and I’ll have to erase this paragraph and hyp-mo-tize everyone into forgetting they ever read it.

– Kudos to Salem, who is about to get the wine & beer license for the Steakhouse, which will throw profits into the ionosphere and ensure heavenly Brunswick Stew well into the 22nd century.

– Kudos to Bud, or “Mr. (The) Budster,” who suffered through one of the worst employment droughts on the Eastern Seaboard only to end up with an awesome I.T. job not far from New York City itself. Statesville NC’s loss is our gain, ladies and gentlemen.

– Kudos to blog-reader-from-waaaay-back Liz Benjamin, who wrote the two best TV episodes of “Bones” of the season (the one about the comic book guy, and last week’s story set in New Orleans). If you’re wondering why you like that show, she’s a big reason.

– Kudos to the American electorate seemingly coming to their senses.

– Of course, kudos to my wife for setting up our Infant CPR class, in which we learned of the various ways your baby can stop breathing. Jesus, what an ordeal. Have the teacher tell you the one about the Peanut M&M’s. Nightmares! Anyway, now Tessa, her mother and I are proficient in CPR for both babies and grownups. If you’re going into arrest, make sure it’s near us.

– Lastly, kudos to yours truly for starting a “running regimen” for the first time in my life. Every other morning at 7am, Lucy (in the jogging stroller) and I run a mile down the beach boardwalk and back. Having never run before, I find it somewhat excruciating, but every day is a little easier and my pants aren’t quite fitting anymore. I mean, in the good way.

Anyone else deserving, please comment!

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  1. killian

    Good for you, Ian. But what on earth will jboogers do if he can’t call you fat?? :)
    serously, loved the shout-outs. a very positive way to start the day. and the american electorate DOES seem to be coming to its collective sense–although the cynic in me fears it was prompted by the $3.00/gallon gas prices rather than discontent with deceit. ah, well, the end result is what matters, eh?

  2. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Congrats to all! Everybody rocks! I like the positivity of this entry as well!
    Kudos to me for coming to work when I just f-ing did not feel like it. Go Laurie! Go Laurie! We’re gonna party like it’s my birthday!
    Kudos to my daughter for mastering the art of riding a two-wheeler bike! Go Helen!
    Kudos to my husband for being such an awesome, involved, hands-on dad! Go Tim!
    Kudos to my brother for getting engaged to a wonderful girl. And kudos to me (again) for ignoring my insecurities and body image/weight issues and agreeing to be a bridesmaid, despite the fact that I will now have to cram myself into a STRAPLESS gown in front of 300 family and friends. Go me! Think thin! Go me! I will be a vision in European lilac!

  3. Beth

    Kudos to me for being up, having gone running, had breakfast, and done some work, all without chocolate, even though I feel like a shade of a person today.
    Kudos to Ian for his blog, and for running. The more you do it, the easier it’ll get, and the more rewarding.
    Kudos to TDSUNC92’s students.
    Kudos to Helen. Yippee for two-wheelers!
    (You know, it’s funny–celebrating others’ achievements made me feel better.)
    Kudos for kudos!

  4. CL

    Congrats to all! That means Bud MUST be at the xtcian readers’ party that you are going to have someday.
    I will congratulate myself if my durn book ever sells if my durn agent hurries up and reads it.

  5. TDSUNC92

    no chocolate, beth?!
    (fyi, this punctuation combo ‘?!’ is referred to as an “interrobang”; actually, that term refers to a symbol which actually combines the two symbols, but it means the same thing)
    definite kudos to you! i’m sitting here munching on a gourmet chocolate bar even as we type. is it too early for that?

  6. Beth

    All right, I held out till 12:29. (My husband brought me back FOUR bars from Germany, and them Europeans knows their chocolate. That I even made it into the afternoon is something of a miracle.)
    CL, you should congratulate yourself for *writing* the durn book. No small achievement!

  7. emma

    Believe it or not, once you get over that initial excrutiating part of running (a month or two), you won’t be able to live without it. It becomes an addiction.

  8. Tanya

    Sweet! I love Kudos! and kudos.
    Kudos to my husband for starting his own business and following the path of something he loves. His current job is killing his soul, and we both can’t wait for him to leave it for good in July. With a wife and kid, starting a business takes major cojones, and I’m proud of him!
    Kudos to my little guy, Caleb, for his recent attempts at potty-training and for patiently repeating his words over and over until Mommy and Daddy FINALLY understand what he’s saying.
    And, as LFMD said, kudos to me for dragging my sorry a$$ into work today, despite the rain, chill and right front tire with a slow leak that causes me to put air into it every night before I head back home from work.

  9. chris

    Kudos to my wife Cathie, for whose love, enthuiasism, wisdom and care I am immensely grateful, for taking a well-earned sabbatical this summer and planning our trips.

  10. Tara

    Kudos to my friend James for getting to the finalist auditions for Jeopardy and for getting his completed book into the publisher!
    Kudos to my little sister Ann for being the coolest, strongest, bravest single mom on the planet!
    Kudos to me for looking at the end of a relationship as the beginning of something new and exciting!

  11. helenjane

    Is there any way I can get in touch with your sister Michelle to see if I can help?
    Also! Kudos to Mom for volunteering at the prison three times a week.

  12. salem's little sister

    Kudos to my big brother Salem for never giving up and having more heart and energy than anyone I know. Get excited!

  13. LBe

    Kudos to you for the kudos to me.
    Kudos to my husband for making it possible for me to go to work.
    Kudos to my son for loving his daddy enough not to demand that I stay home with him instead of going to work.
    Kudos,kudos,kudos,kudos — my new favorite word right along with credenza.


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