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Kudos Chapter, Part XVI

In Which We Offer Congratulations to Those Deserving

– First off, kudos to my sister Michelle for single-handedly reviving the arts community in Napa Valley, CA by asking every board member to resign and recreating it anew, with the possibility of massive funding. Breathing artistic life into that valley was like reviving Lazarus, and she bloody well did it.

– Kudos to Lindsay, who just got into law school at Fordham University, and after three years will not only kick ass up and down Broadway, but get paid handsomely for it. Unless, of course, nobody is supposed to know that yet, and I’ll have to erase this paragraph and hyp-mo-tize everyone into forgetting they ever read it.

– Kudos to Salem, who is about to get the wine & beer license for the Steakhouse, which will throw profits into the ionosphere and ensure heavenly Brunswick Stew well into the 22nd century.

– Kudos to Bud, or “Mr. (The) Budster,” who suffered through one of the worst employment droughts on the Eastern Seaboard only to end up with an awesome I.T. job not far from New York City itself. Statesville NC’s loss is our gain, ladies and gentlemen.

– Kudos to blog-reader-from-waaaay-back Liz Benjamin, who wrote the two best TV episodes of “Bones” of the season (the one about the comic book guy, and last week’s story set in New Orleans). If you’re wondering why you like that show, she’s a big reason.

– Kudos to the American electorate seemingly coming to their senses.

– Of course, kudos to my wife for setting up our Infant CPR class, in which we learned of the various ways your baby can stop breathing. Jesus, what an ordeal. Have the teacher tell you the one about the Peanut M&M’s. Nightmares! Anyway, now Tessa, her mother and I are proficient in CPR for both babies and grownups. If you’re going into arrest, make sure it’s near us.

– Lastly, kudos to yours truly for starting a “running regimen” for the first time in my life. Every other morning at 7am, Lucy (in the jogging stroller) and I run a mile down the beach boardwalk and back. Having never run before, I find it somewhat excruciating, but every day is a little easier and my pants aren’t quite fitting anymore. I mean, in the good way.

Anyone else deserving, please comment!