hey europe, eat my florida


Must CODE WORD today due to headache and body shellacking (how do you “actual” runners do it?) but I’ve become fascinated with Google Maps, Google Earth, and this awesome site called Frappr which basically lets you create your own interactive maps.

As such, will all of you – regulars, lurkers, and even those who only come for the Smug™ – please click on this link and add yourself to the map? It should show below. YAY INTERNET!!!

[ed. note: The map above is lame – click here for the cool one, and be sure to click on “show rest of markers” at bottom right.]

0 thoughts on “hey europe, eat my florida

  1. Anne D.

    That is one geographically challenged mapping system. I’m in Providence but the marker shows me in the Boston suburbs. (And no, thank you, Providence is not a Boston suburb!) It’s not even pointing inside the RI state border. Little Rhody don’t get no respect from Frappr!!!
    Still: fun.

  2. Anne D.

    The map is starting to resemble the phenomenon that originally brought me to this blog:
    All together now:
    I pledge allegiance….

  3. block

    I would really prefer to remain geographically anonymous! Besides…no one knows where live…I think! I want my kids to go to middle school in peace!


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