purple mountains majesty


I’m sorry, but that map thing is totally cool. Especially when you look at it like this:


And if you haven’t put yourself on there, stop being such a too-cool-for-school holdout! The map isn’t for my own ego (although you’re all very kind), it’s to provide a sense of the spiritus mundi so that we’re not all belonely and indeed, to paraphrase John Donne, if a clod be washed away by the sea, the internet is the less.

A few thoughts: first off, about the pictures – not to be hopelessly shallow, but everyone is quite physically appealing. I remember back in the day when the Web was full of fat guys making jokes about Arpanet, and online dating sites were sure to land you with a sociopath. Now everyone’s CUTE!


Also, a look at the map reveals some distinct patterns in our collective readership: we totally dig I-85-95, I-80 and I-5. You could go from house to house on the Eastern Seaboard, from JMM in Miami to Tim in Cambridge, and never drive for more than a few hours (or minutes, once you got to Atlanta).

I’d like to send a shout-out to those of you in foreign countries: Rich in Baghdad; Jiffer in Germany; Peter, Leah, Lisa, the Annekenstein Monster in Fair Canada; and Christine in Utah.

And here’s a weird stat: as the weekend progressed, and more people added themselves, the ratio of boys to girls remained stunningly even. Never more than 1% difference. It’s rare in life to have something so gender-balanced, thus it bears mentioning. Any other topographical or cartophilic things to share?

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  1. kevin from NC

    the lines of Coastopia will need to be redrawn as NC (save Chapel Hill) was excluded.
    I left my picture off so as to not skew the over-all beauty of the group down.
    Going to New Orleans for the Fest on Thursday. I’ll drink a drink for you..god i hope you don;t have a drinking problem! k

  2. Anne D.

    I noticed the gender balance, too, and marveled at it. Very rare in a self-selecting pool of people. You’re doing something right, Ian! :-)

  3. cullen

    Yeah, your map ratio is nothing like the age-old, mostly-meant-for males UNC undergrad recruitment line which always touted the girls on campus at leading the lite blue red rover game by atleast 60/40; some accounts have periodically ballooned that estimate to account for a heightened sense of horniness, which probably has resulted in some many more co-ed jerky boys and hopefully more too who are worth taking home to mom and dad, like Ian clearly.
    I’m curious as to what the acutal current UG ratio is? Anyone know; I don’t do research.
    Happy first day of May. YOu’re global.

  4. k

    I love this.
    This is the internet’s way of doing the cool thing hostels do where you add a thumbtack on the world map to where you’re from.

  5. Christine

    Utah, a foreign country! Heh. Try an alien planet! :) … Someday, maybe sooner than later, I will deprive Utah of one clueful blue stater. In the meantime, I keep flying to San Diego.

  6. kmeelyon

    Ian, it just occurred to me that with your cute friends and your recent (gender) mapping fun, you could soon probably artfully transition your blog into the next new, hip internet dating site. I know, I know. perish the thought.


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