these robeez were made for stumbling


There was a request from one side of Lucy’s godmothers for pictures of The Bug, so please allow me to indulge a little. I can’t say these are rampantly iconoclastic, because we’re just enjoying Lucy’s newfound toddler status and bask in the glow of her penumbra. Truly, it’s her world, and we’re just living in it.

Probably her best friend is Hank Drucker, son of Jesse Drucker and Nell Casey. Hank is six weeks younger than La Luce, and the two are like twins, the same size (she’s 15th percentile in weight, and so’s he) and they totally love to hug and eat with each other. Platonically, of course:


She’s been demanding her own spoon to feed herself, which meets with mixed results. I know every kid has a picture like this, but the diaspora of mango covering the kitchen was insane. She got most of it in her eyeballs:


She loves the farm and the cows, especially now that she getting the idea she can actually “go” where she wants, by, you know, “walking.” This spring has been especially beautiful upstate:


This picture is for my mom, who got her the jammies for Christmas. She has another 4-5 months before they’ll fit, but she loves to tool around like a spacewoman:


Oh yeah, she loves to be naked. I don’t know why Tessa took her shirt off for breakfast, but it was met with immense pleasure:


God, I love this little punkinboots! (Although you’re lucky you weren’t in the car with her for two hours this afternoon)


0 thoughts on “these robeez were made for stumbling

  1. GFWD

    Ian, I hate to start the comments (especially in light of the adorably cute pictures of Lucybug) with something off topic, but I just watched HOW I GOT INTO COLLEGE, which I TiVo’d after you mentioned it several weeks ago on the blog. I forgot that everyone’s favorite creepy mailman, Taylor Negron, was in this movie, too. He played almost the exact same character in BETTER OFF DEAD. Next I’ve got to TiVo REAL GENIUS to hear that montage song.
    Your regularly scheduled cute Lucy photos may now resume.

  2. emma

    Tessa probably took off Lucy’s shirt for breakfast because it is easier to wash Lucy than to wash another outfit. See Photo #2.

  3. cullen

    I wish I was naked right now. Kids love to be naked. Our son and sunshine (pouring today) Sam likes to play intense nerfhoop er, unencumbered:

  4. oliver

    I love that picture of her standing in her red shoes out and about and ready for anything, especially nestled among the ones in which she’s “just a baby.”

  5. Rebecca

    Adorable pictures! Little Lucy is one of the cutest toddlers I’ve seen. The tulips are fabulous too.
    Emma is right. I make my kids take their clothes off when we have pasta with meat sauce for dinner, about once a week. It is easier to wipe off their little bare chests than to get red sauce out of clothes!
    I thought of you and Tessa last night as I read my new Fortune magazine, May 29 issue. There are multiple articles about Hollywood/LA that you might find interesting. Bing’s “While you were out” column is titled “City of Broken Wind”. It’s hilarious, as always. Plus there’s an interview of UNC alumna and Wall Street star Sallie Krawcheck.
    Have a great weekend everyone!


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