Hi, I’m Ian. It’s 12:06am on May 26, and it just became my birthday six minutes ago. To celebrate, I quelled my cold with a shot (and a half!) of NyQuil. Everyone have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend and KEEP ROCKING!!!

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  1. jif

    Happy birthday Ian!!!!! Wishing you a fantastic memorial day weekend/birthday celebration and no rain (“fuck you rain! don’t you know it’s my birthday!!!!!!”) can’t wait to see you all next week!!! xoxoo

  2. CP

    likewise, brother man! happy 39.
    ps — ok, so I’m slightly ocd. among other things, this manifests itself in an unnatural obsession with 3’s and 9’s (as evidenced by my email address and also high school lacrosse number — 9) and the mathematical ratio 1: 4: 9. anyway, here’s hoping this amazing number will be an equally amazing and fruitful year for you and yours.

  3. alan

    Usually be the time I have to start using NyQuil, I don’t care about dosages. I just chug from the bottle and figure more is better.
    Happy Birthday Ian.

  4. LFMD

    Happy birthday Ian! I did not realize that you were a Gemini. . . . that explains A LOT. Ha! No wonder I like you so much! Have a great weekend, and shake that cold fast.

  5. Anne

    ¡Feliz cumpleaños!
    Bonne anniversaire!
    Happy birthday!
    OK, I just exhausted my birthday polylingualism. Have a great day, Ian. Feel better.

  6. Matt

    Happy Birthday, Ian, and thanks for the postcard (just arrived today), though I wish you hadn’t mentioned by blog reading since you sent it to my work address. If Big Bro peeks at our phone records you can be sure they read our postcards!

  7. Beth

    Here’s to you, Ian! May it be your best year yet!
    p.s. Try zinc–scientifically proven to shorten the duration of a cold.

  8. kevin from NC

    HBD Ian, What is it about Geminis???
    Everyone has a love/hate relationship with us. What did we ever do? We are just trying to make EVERYBODY happy.
    NyQuil…. hardcore!!! HA!! k

  9. NOLAcathie

    Happy Birthday Ian!
    May you have a beautiful day today and a year ahead filled with much love, fulfillment, and wonderful blessings.

  10. Sef

    Happy Happy, blogger extraordinaire. I’m sorry to miss you this weekend, but what say we share a glass of NyQuil together at Jiff’s?

  11. Tanya

    Happy Birthday! I, too, share in your cold experience. Ah, the joys of having the world’s cutest petrie dish living with us. Hope we both feel better soon! Post pics of the Jartacular…

  12. xuxE

    ok, i just have to say that explains SO MUCH i am just trippin. so many times when i read your blog and post something in here i have this dejavu that it’s part of some other conversation. big aha moment.

  13. Neva

    Interesting.. it’s my brother’s birthday too!
    The universe is a small place after all.
    Have a great one. Hope the cold is fleeting.
    Try a shot of something more fun. Jager?
    At least you’ll feel happy and sick.

  14. eric g.

    Happy b-day, Ian! Add me to the list of folks bummed that they’ll miss the Jartacular. I am considering a job change and a move back to Chicago, so I will be interviewing for the next few weeks and I won’t be able to come to NY. Have a great time!
    Grib (a fellow Gemini)

  15. Debzita

    Ah, Ian. Happy birthday, O Geminist Gemini that ever ENFPed. I have no idea what coast you’re on, but I hope it’s treating you well. Kisses to you and your cute family!
    (fellow ENFP)

  16. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Hey, did you hear? You nearly shared a birthday with Shiloh something something Jolie-Pitt! One reporter said that Brangelina’s baby’s birth was greeted with nearly as much international anticipation as baby Jesus’s birth. . . a statement which I found to be funny/depressing/sacriligious all at the same time.
    And Hunky Gavin Rossdale’s wife had a boy! The Gemini babies keep getting pushed out!

  17. Dave in Az

    Isn’t it slightly narcissitic to think your birthday is worthy of notice? I can understand it being noteworthy for your mother, who had to endure incredible pain to bring you into existence, not to mention the trauma of gazing on your face for the first time. But what’s the day to you? I’d think the anniversary of your first orgasm would be more memorable. As for the rest of us, we have our own birthdays and orgasm anniversaries to ignore or remember as we wish or need. Sorry, no time or energy to mark yours.

  18. kate from the DTH front desk

    Aha! Dave in AZ must be J-Booger’s ugly cousin.
    Hmm, Dave, it’s funny that you claim to have “no time or energy” to recognize Ian’s birthday, yet you still took the time to write out that post. Don’t you have an orgasm anniversary that you should be out celebrating?
    …Oh, you don’t? Color me surprised.

  19. Dave in Az

    Gee, Kate, I was just kidding, trying to be funny, missing on that, maybe looking for a little attention, hitting on that. Who’da thunk it? Me a troll.
    Here’s what I really think, for what it’s worth:
    All people of good will deserve to be noticed simply for their existence on at least one special day a year. Ian deserves notice, and appreciation, for more than his birthday. But of course I hope he had a great one and wish him many returns — and I hope he doesn’t need the Nyquil any longer.
    Here’s a little “birthday present”:


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