jarts still not unpacked


I’m always a bit loath to mention get-togethers on here because they can seem exclusionary or boring to those who weren’t in attendance, BUT… I had an amazing birthday, and the Jartacular went off quite swimmingly. I’m always too busy trying to get the talent show to work and trying to write questions for the quiz show to take pictures, so I usually leave that up to the infinitely more talented (Susan Stava and Lars Lucier).


somehow, this always happens: the cows gather to watch us grill hamburgers


Sean and Jordi got me one of those labelmaker guns from the ’70s, yo!


the post-quiz-show dance-off went into the witching hours


a couple of hot chix I met at the party

0 thoughts on “jarts still not unpacked

  1. kate from the DTH front desk

    Quiz Show? Talent Show? Dance off? Cows?
    Best. Party. Ever.
    I’m glad you had a great birthday and great weekend!

  2. Bud

    It was…one helluba pardy (pardon my post-celebratory congestion).
    Our host and hostess are the absolute mostest. And The Bug just rocks.
    If you observe carefully, C3 and JB are grilling corn. Maybe the cows were mooching? My impression at the time was that they were just majorly curious. I think *someone* may have been giving them the bovine version of scooby snacks.
    The only thing I didn’t enjoy much was the uber quiet rock-and-roll band schtick. Next time, just let me know and I’ll bring a mic or two.

  3. GFWD

    Those cows were probably saying:
    (Funnier if you live near a Chick-Fil-A)
    Can you send out the quiz you made up and then let us non-invitees participate?

  4. Greg T.

    I’ll admit, the Jartacular serves as an annual reminder that as much time as I have invested in reading this blog and feeling like I know Ian, I have still never actually met Ian and he wouldn’t know me from Harvey Gantt. Oh well. I’m still somehow pleased to hear that you enjoyed another Jartacular and birthday. The bug is adorable as usual.

  5. Ian

    I believe Ehren (pictured) easily won the dance-off. The dance-off exists because the first year we did the quiz show, there were four teams and two of them tied. We couldn’t think of a tie-breaker, so Lindsay screamed “dance-off!” and I played “Groove is in the Heart” or something.
    That didn’t determine the winner either, so the two teams did best-of-three foul shots. Scotty’s shot hung on the rim, and Seth’s went in, so Seth’s team won. It was heart-stopping, lemme tellsya.

  6. k

    there once was a couple in hillsd@le
    who threw awesome parties at full-sail
    the smartypants all go there and gather
    there’s simply no place that i’d rather
    thank you so much ! !


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