we’re so pleased to be with you


Got some requests to “quit screwing around” and post some Lucy pictures, so here goes…


I know every kid has a picture like this, but she takes my shoes VERY seriously


fascination #2: airplanes


third turn-on: the realization that she can walk ANYWHERE, including beyond the gate


new words this week: “off,” “shoe,” “quack,” “good girl” and “gracias”(!)


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  1. scruggs

    From an independent observer, she seems to look a lot like her maternal grandmother.
    Heading on an 11 day journey to Lake Champlain (Burlington, VT and Plattsburgh, NY) and also Montreal, if anyone has any suggestions for things to check out.

  2. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    Lucy is a beautiful little girl! And, I agree with Scruggs — she looks like a combination of Tessa’s mom and her Aunt Michelle whenever I look at her.
    What are her stats (height and weight)? Just curious. She seems to be growing in leaps and bounds! What gorgeous eye and hair color!
    Scruggs — I have no travel suggestions, but did you hear all about the big fight that went down at your friend Scott’s restaurant this past week? Egads! Lindsay and Paris catfight in the bathroom of Butter, then Lindsay dissed Diddy, then Diddy’s bodyguards dragged her out of Butter. . . oh, to be a fly on the wall that night! Hey, how is your pregnancy going? I hope all is well and that you are comfortable. Does your son understand about his future sibling?

  3. lee

    Man, she is looking just like Tessa to me these days!
    LFMD, did Lindsay kick Paris’ butt at Butter?? Who won? Was there hair pulling? Man, we could’ve been TWO flies on the wall! Why no paparazzi shots???
    And thanks for the congrats yesterday! We’re really excited! :-)

  4. mcf

    scruggs: i love these little coincidences… we have two little cottages [they call them “camps” up there] slightly south of plattsburgh on lake champlain in the town of essex… there is a ferry directly from charlotte, VT [about a 20 min drive from burlington] over to our little, quaint town, and we are 40 minutes south of plattsburgh. you will totally be in our general “hood!” there is SO much to do… if you are into hiking, there are SUPERB [and fairly easy to reach] summits in the adirondacks; of course, sailing on the lake is very fab this time of year… montreal is fantastic…
    also-if you do choose to ferry from VT to NY [it’s a car ferry and there are several on the lake] it would be lovely if you do it near sunset… sunset over the adirondacks is truly amazing… [hence-value of lake property on “vermont side” of the lake is a bit more than on our side…]
    bottom line, i wish id known earlier and i could have done some research for you for this weekend, particularly! sometimes there are fun little festivals, etc…we have renters in our place, or id offer to help you “on site!”
    that said, the renters leave on wednesday, and if you needed a place to crash…. we won’t be back til the friday [for the long july 4th weekend…]
    ps: ian/tessa: lucy is truly adorable…

  5. caveman

    she is adorable
    you don’t tug on Superman’s cape
    you don’t spit into the wind
    you don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger
    and you don’t mess around with Ken

  6. scruggs

    LFMD…man, hadn’t seen that news. The most eventful thing that happened to us when we were there was a transvestite read our palms on our way out. Isn’t Lindsay hanging with Bruce? Maybe he and Diddy can have a throwdown, too!
    Lee, congrats indeed. Good luck during the adoption process and thereafter.
    mcf…thanks for the scoop and offer. We’re staying this weekend in Burlington for a UNC pal’s wedding at Shelburne Farms, so that will fill up some fun time. While I’m enjoying the festivities, my husband and 3 year old are going to the aquarium there. As we’ll have no car yet, on Sunday we’re taking the ferry from there to Port Kent where my brother-in-law will pick us up and take us to Plattsburgh to meet up with his wife and 3 kids.
    Sounds like its a great area to be. Luckily, my husband’s sister (they live in CT) has a place in some “camp.” I know it is a new double wide trailer, ugh, ((4 adults and 4 kids, should be cozy and familiar as we live in Georgia!) that is in this one section of the camp that also rents out cabins. 10 min from some super walmart, they said. So at least they should be good guides since they spend a lot of time up there. I think we’re going hiking and to some canyon(s), and then spend a day or two in Montreal.
    I’ll let you know what we ended up checking out. Enjoy the 4th!

  7. Martha

    What a gorgeous little girl! Those eyes are killers! Ian, what type of camera do you use for your great photos? I’m looking for a new camera and I’ve searched your site to see if you’ve ever revealed what camera you use. I know it’s not all about the camera, but I’m curious.

  8. salem's little sister

    LFMD- Anderson is my newest crush!! I even downloaded his playlist from i-tunes. I fell for him during his impassioned coverage of Katrina and then after watching him on Oprah, I was hooked.
    Ian, Lucy looks like she is so much fun. She makes me smile every time I see her precious face.

  9. chip

    The musuem at Shelburne Farms is incredible…..I would also recommend walking around downtown Burlington near the waterfront

  10. eric g.

    Awesome pics, Ian. After your years of struggle, the karmic circle has definitely turned in your favor. (I know it was a lot of hard work, too, but “karmic circle” just sounded better this morning…)
    Give me a call. We haven’t talked in forever!

  11. Ian

    Martha, I use a Pentax Optio 750Z:
    7 megapixels, and it looks like an old-fashioned European camera from the 1970s, which is cool. Most pictures I pump up a little contrast (and “curves”) in Photoshop, because the “Save For Web” command can really wash out the detail.
    It’s a great camera and I’ll be sad when I lose it, which I’m due. I’ve gone through four cameras on this blog.

  12. Cris

    Beautiful photos. I particularly love the one of you reading to her. For whatever reason I adore shopping for children’s books and buy tons for my surrogate niece and nephew. Have you seen the Miss Spider and Olivia books? They’re personal favorites.


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