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A few short bits to add to the blog today, as it is my turn for Lucy tomorrow morning and let’s just say that she likes to get up four or five hours earlier than I do.

– It’s my sister Michelle’s birthday! She turned thirtysomething years old today, and I’m fairly sure she’s drunk on very expensive red wine up in Napa Valley right now.


love this pic Lars took at the Jartacular, rehearsing: me, Michelle and Sean, with Chip in the background

– If you are planning to be in New York City this summer, try to make it the last week of August, where Sean/Jordi/Mac and Gideon Productions – fresh off winning “Best Musical” at the Fringe Festival last year for “Fleet Week” – are mounting this year’s juggernaut “Air Guitar.” There’s a fighting chance you might see one of my plays as well, as the 24 Hour Plays is putting on a Best of the Last Ten Years show, and they might include mine (scroll down and vote here – you will see some familiar names like Lindsay B., Mac R., and Dan K.!). One way or another, we wouldn’t mind meeting you wonderful readers in NYC if any of you wanted to make the jaunt.

– Speaking of which, Lindsay just put on a 24 Hour Play up in Toronto. Check out his blog on the journey.

– My brother Steve just helped launch Digg version 3.0 today. Included in the redesign is a really cool masthead that includes my brother holding his trademark fedora.

– Thanks to the always-delightful Peter in PEI, I had this odd web page stuck in my head like a bad pop song.

– I started drum lessons on Sunday. My teacher is awesome and knows Stewart Copeland. I’m learning to hold the sticks correctly and he said I could pick three songs to learn this month. They will be “Generals and Majors” by XTC, “Day Tripper” by the Beatles, and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen. Starting a new instrument is fun, man!

– Any other tidbits you’d care to share with the class?

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  1. CP

    here’s how I voted:
    the late, great john belluso
    the lovely (no, seriously, guys. LOVELY) and talented emily conbere
    juilliard julia jordan
    piss your pants funny greg kotis
    the poetic stylings of muMs the schemer (a very nice guy who once gave me a “God Bless.” at the end of our conversation. which, coming from him, seemed not only genuine, but I gladly accepted…)
    the homeblog favorite ian williams
    oddly enough, I never went to one of these 24 hour things (nor participated), so I’m not familiar with the plays, only the writers, all of whom have (in varying degrees obviously, but still) some serious fucking game.

  2. Kois

    I voted only for my friends and myself. Everyone else can suck it.
    Bowen, Lindsay
    Kois, Dan
    Rogers, Mac
    Rogers, Mac
    Williams, Ian

  3. kate from the DTH front desk

    Happy Birthday Michelle!
    I haven’t voted yet, but I’m off to do that right now.

  4. jje

    I’ll share – my little boy just turned one! :-)
    You can see a few pics of the family birthday party (he also had a theme-y “June Bug Bash” co-party with three of his little playgroup girlfriends who also turned one in June) in the URL link.
    Try not to laugh at the sad ol’ lumpy smash cake I made for him. A professional make the cake for everyone else, but I had a bee in my bonnet about making his first cake. Umm, did I mention that I’d never made a cake before? Sad but true. It was a disaster from start to finish – the icing was grey like wet newsprint until I added a little bit of cocoa powder – but it served its purpose.
    Thank goodness he couldn’t tell me how awful it was. Not that he could have had much to say anyway because he was barely able to make a dent in the cake itself. I should have handed him a hacksaw once he made his way through the frosting!
    Michelle, I hope you had good cake! ;-)

  5. Ian

    I, too, vote for friends LB, MR and DK (revised the blog above). Mac is brilliant, Dan’s play was freakin’ hilarious, and Lindsay’s play is fairly responsible for my marriage.

  6. caveman

    Happy Birthday Michelle…have a bottle of Screaming Eagle on me (thank god I don’t use my real name).

  7. Rebecca

    I will be making my annual trip to see the inlaws on Long Island August 16-24. Is that a week too early? The obvious answer is yes, because that’s not the last week in August. Too bad for me.
    The kids and I will also be in the great state of North Carolina visiting my parents August 5-16. I can’t wait to have some good BBQ and sweet tea!

  8. Kois

    CP’s comment makes me sad for not voting for John Belluso.
    However, I do enjoy how dilettante “playwrights” like Ian and I are handily defeating Belluso, Warren Leight, Neil Labute, Chris Shinn, Diana Son, and Will Eno, because experienced, award-winning playwrights don’t vote constantly for themselves, from a half-dozen different computers at last count, like I do.

  9. ken

    Ian –
    Kudos on starting up drum lessons, teachers are great for teaching rudiments–flams, paradiddles and the like–but once you’re comfortable with your abilities, stop taking lessons and develop your own style. Are you using matched grip or traditional?
    And to help you incorporate these new techniques, buy a good set of isolating studio headphones and set up a list of your favorite drum tracks (maybe make an iPod playlist) or burn a CD and put on the headphones and just jam for hours on end. As a former professional drummer, may I recommend the holy trinity of Bonham, Copeland & Watts. Dave Grohl’s another good one. Once you’re comfy, try some Neil Peart but only after time, he’ll frustrate the beginner.
    Whatever you do, don’t use ‘drumming gloves’. Those are for wusses. If you play enough, you’ll develop callouses and won’t need gloves.

  10. Ian

    Awesome! I’m using matched grip (so’s not to be pretentious) and my teacher is all about starting to play along with songs as soon as possible. The cool thing is watching all the concert footage of your favorite bands and not looking at the guitarists anymore.

  11. xuxE

    that sounds great about the drums!! i started playing the drums before i switched to bass. i bet your drumming will be just about perfected by the time Lucy is ready to pick up the bass. ;)


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