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The Latest in the Who Gives a Shit Dept:

Hey, I took apart my Mac Mini! Y’see, I want to do some demo songs and create GarageBand tracks with the ol’ pre-2006 Mini, but the hard drive was too slow. You know what I’m screamin’, right? So I got a 7200rpm drive and tackled the crazy amounts of screws and wires and delicate motherboards and after two hours of sweating bullets, I did it!


That shit is not so easy, my friends. Watch forty-five seconds of this video if you don’t believe me. My brother Kent once said I was shitty at computers, you know, back in 1993 or so, and I’ve been trying to prove him wrong for thirteen years. In your FACE, chaircrusher!

Anyway, so I created a “sparseimage” in SuperDuper, then connected the xtcian-refurbished Mac Mini to my Powerbook and the LaCie hard drive, and it’s cloning as we speak! How did I do that with only one Firewire port, you ask? Well, I also used the Firewire 800 port with a Firewire 400 connector. Pretty sweet, huh? Huh?

Wait, where is everybody?


0 thoughts on “garbage in, ambrosia out

  1. CL

    Seriously, though, on another only slightly related matter…why are iPods so hard to turn off? They should fix that.

  2. killian

    Hey–I LIKED the video! And I admire your combination of tenacity/creativity–it will get the job done ‘most every time. Bravo!!

  3. caveman

    I remember one time I pulled the frogger cartridge out of my atari too fast and the screen looked funny

  4. thpride

    Um … yeah.
    I’m plagiarizing someone out there, but here goes:
    I remember when memory was something you lost with age, an application was for employment, a program was a TV show, a cursor used profanity, a keyboard was a piano, a web was a spider’s home, a virus was the flu, a CD was a bank account, a hard drive was a long trip on the road, a mouse pad was where a mouse lived, and if you had a 3 inch floppy, you hoped your girlfriend (if you could get one) wouldn’t tell everybody!

  5. oliver

    I was handy yesterday too. Replaced the pump in the zombie espresso machine I newly acquired. Screws, wires, steam, plumbing, motor…and now it works! Talk about foam. Who’s the man?

  6. alan

    Good job Ian. It’s almost like fixing a real computer. Just kidding, the Mac Mini’s are actually kind of cool as long as you don’t expect too much power.

  7. ken

    I tried to find the Triumph the Insult Comic Dog “Star Wars” episode so I could sample and play you the part where Triumph said “You are a huge nerd!” as a stormtrooper but alas, I couldn’t.
    Who am I kidding? I spent twenty minutes discussing bitrate differences on the iPod with an audiophile friend of mine last week, I just as nerdy ass you, Ian.


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