meditation xvii


God dammit, yesterday’s comments were awesome, but there is so much there worthy of righteous indignation and garment-rending anger.

Stop me if I’m misrepresentin’, but did some of you really say there is a meaningful cadre of industries that stand to benefit from global warming hysteria, and THAT’S how the pro-environment agenda gets its energy? You have GOT TO BE KIDDING.

For every one small company that sells backpacks that recharge your cell phone, there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of companies that benefit from things going the way they always have (McDonalds, Union Carbide, Halliburton, Unilever, etc etc etc.). British Petroleum has a nice solar department, but it accounts for… what, .0001% of their revenue?

To even hint that there are a powerful group of industries that stand to benefit from lying – or exaggerating – the threat of global warming takes a staggering lack of perspective. It’s like the elephant claiming an ant blocks his view.

As for Democrats seizing it as a wedge issue, first of all, that’s mostly crap, and second of all, Republicans can never blame any other political entity for exploiting a wedge issue again, given the utterly shameful way they’ve gone after homosexuals, people of color, and 9/11 widows. “Democrats needed something scary”? This is coming from the people that brought us Saddam’s “mushroom cloud” and telling us that if Kerry was elected, “we’d get hit again”? Do you guys have any idea of the murderous hypocrisy at work here?

Climate change transcends politics, and is quite simply a matter of survival. The wave of black water doesn’t give a shit if you’re liberal or conservative, and while you send for whom the bell tolls, your estate is being washed away. For those of us trying to do something about it, why can’t you just say thank you?


seriously, Lucy and I are wondering what your problem is