hey hey, the clouds are whey



The above poster, stuck on an Athens, GA wall in 1982, is the greatest show I never saw. While I was studying for Mr. Marchionda’s biology test at the age of fourteen, my Ultimate Dream Show featuring my favorite band in the world – along with REM at the height of their awesomeness – was being played about 400 miles away. The “English Settlement” and “Murmur” tour. I can barely stand it even decades later.

A few weeks after this, Andy Partridge of XTC freaked out on stage and never toured again. REM became what they became. But today’s CODE WORD is a question for you: What would be your dream double-bill concert? It has to be a show that could have existed, or did exist – no mixing two different genres or disparate time periods, like pairing George Gershwin with De La Soul (although that sounds pretty awesome).