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The above poster, stuck on an Athens, GA wall in 1982, is the greatest show I never saw. While I was studying for Mr. Marchionda’s biology test at the age of fourteen, my Ultimate Dream Show featuring my favorite band in the world – along with REM at the height of their awesomeness – was being played about 400 miles away. The “English Settlement” and “Murmur” tour. I can barely stand it even decades later.

A few weeks after this, Andy Partridge of XTC freaked out on stage and never toured again. REM became what they became. But today’s CODE WORD is a question for you: What would be your dream double-bill concert? It has to be a show that could have existed, or did exist – no mixing two different genres or disparate time periods, like pairing George Gershwin with De La Soul (although that sounds pretty awesome).


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  1. eric g.

    Not my dream double-bill, but respectable nonetheless: I remember needing to catch up on my sleep, and therefore turning down my Purple House roommate Jon Scoville’s invitation to accompany him to the Cat’s Cradle one night in the fall of ’91 to see Pearl Jam and Soundgarden for ten bucks.

  2. Matt

    Tough one, but maybe Lynyrd Skynyrd and Neil Young, before ol’ Neil became what he became.
    A slightly more modern dream double-bill might’ve been Jane’s Addicition and Nirvana.
    Or the show I’d take leave from work tomorrow to fly to would be Widespread Panic and Carlos Santana.

  3. DFB's&T's

    Saw Fishbone at Cats Cradle and Jane’s Addiction at Memorial Hall within just a few months of each other in 1989. If that had been a double-bill, my head would have exploded. Saw Fishbone again about 6-7 years later in Winston-Salem (1996) and they sucked and it broke my heart.

  4. Neva

    The best one I saw was 10,000 Maniacs and REM at Cameron (it was tough to be there but worth it) in 1987 I believe?
    I would’ve also enjoyed the Violent Femmes and Indigo Girls double bill at Memorial Hall but missed that.
    I still haven’t seen U2 and or Dave Matthews and would love to see them both. Maybe they’ll arrive here and play in my culdesac someday? I can keep hoping..

  5. Beth

    I would have liked to see a double bill of REM and U2 in the days when Michael Stipe was still performing with his back to the audience. (Okay, maybe a little further on in their careers than that, but still early.) I also would have liked to catch the Grateful Dead opening for Dylan backed by the Band. In an alternate universe, it might have been fun to see Jeff Buckley opening for his dad and coming onstage to join him for a few songs.
    I’d like to mention as a footnote to yesterday’s discussion that the Chaser pills work reasonably well even when you forget to take them before you get hammered. Serendipitously, I went out with an old college friend last night and got the kind of drunk where you lose speech entirely. More than anything mentioned yesterday (life circumstance, lack of ability to tolerate hangovers, whatever), it’s just not all that dignified when a 36-year-old gets royally shitfaced.

  6. Neva

    Oh, and I still look fondly back on any Dillon Fence/Johnny Quest evening (and there were lots of them) across campus in the early 1990s!

  7. DFB's&T's

    Neva — I was at the REM/10,000 show in Durham and it was great. I have seen REM several times since then but I will never forget the way the band was playing a little melody in the dark and then burst into the opening notes of Finest Worksong just as Stipe rushed on stage and attacked the microphone. From my seat, I could also see Natalie Merchant in the wings dancing/weaving/stumbling.

  8. alan

    I would have liked to seen Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash or Waylon and Willie Nelson, or Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson. I still love that song “There ain’t no good chain gang” by Jennings and Cash. Waylon and Willie singing “Good Hearted Woman” is classic. And of Course “Pancho and Lefty” with Willie and Merle. Can’t go wrong with any of those combos.

  9. tregen

    Posting from beautiful Denver this morning. I have to give Alan credit for great picks, I would love to see any of those but would also add a double hitter of Robert Earl Keen and Chris LeDoux. However, I have to say that Pearl Jam is by far, the best live band I’ve ever seen, so I am going to have to go the Beastie Boys opening up for Pearl Jam.

  10. mcf

    is widespread still together? [forgive the stupid question but this perked my ears!]
    widespread reminds me of one [of a few] summers working the catering halls at the carolina inn…
    and as for a dream double-bill, id have to say rush or the who with james taylor or billy joel or sting. yes-admittedly MAINSTREAM, but i could sing along to almost every lyric — and in my mind, that is the absolutely best part of a great show!
    on a related note, i saw frank sinatra in the early 90s at radio city [before he died] and he was so old he was reading his lines from a telePrompter…
    as in: “its up to you… pause… new york…. pause to look at teleprompter… new york…”
    but in my view, it was still a terrific show.

  11. Bill

    That’s an easy one… Rage Against The Machine and The Beastie Boys. I had tickets that I paid a fortune for through eBay, and then AdRock broke his collar bone riding his bike in the village and they cancelled the show. I was pretty pissed.

  12. Scott M

    As many times as I’ve seen (and loved) Pearl Jam (5 and counting), I never managed to see Nirvana. So my dream concert double-bill has to be PJ and Nirvana… circa 1993 (around Vs and In Utero).
    It would also have been pretty amazing to see Alice in Chains and Soundgarden together, circa 1994 (Dirt/Jar of Flies and Superunknown era).
    Or how about Led Zeppelin paired with The Who, circa 1971 (Zeppelin IV and Who’s Next). Now THAT’S a concert.
    On the hip hop side, I’m thinking Outkast and A Tribe Called Quest, circa 1996 (ATLiens and Beats Rhymes and Life – Tribe would be on the decline but I’d definitely want to wait for ATLiens before seeing Outkast).
    Cake along with Sublime around 1996 would be pretty awesome too.
    Can you tell I put way too much thought/effort into this idea?

  13. Sharon

    I was at the Maniacs/REM show as well (Remember going with Chipsi Darren Royer – shout out if you’re lurking!) Also saw REM at the Dean Dome and had much better seats. However (shudder) Cameron was the better venue. My double bill may have been a Jason and the Scorchers/Guadacanal Diary show. I think it was Burnout?? All the better because it was free. Still love Jason R. Probably too country for ya’ll sophisticates :-)

  14. Scott M

    Eric – Pearl Jam and Soundgarden would have been aamzing!
    Tregen, I agree – Pearl Jam is the best live band I’ve ever seen too.

  15. kent

    Ian you saw my dream show — Dinosaur Jr. with My Bloody Valentine.
    It’s probably better your dream show remains in dreams, because I’ve seen several ‘dream shows’ that were disappointments.
    Seeing Bob Dylan the first time, after 25 years of being a fan? Going deaf listening to his adenoids rattle atonally.
    I later saw him do a show that was really good, but part of what made it really good is that my expectations had been lowered, and I only went because of a random free ticket.

  16. Bozoette Mary

    Oh, I can think of so many, but they all include Little Feat, back when Lowell George was alive. Paired with Bonnie Raitt (anytime!), Delbert McClinton (before he tended to be hammered onstage), The Neville Brothers, B.B. King, John Hiatt, with or without a band.
    Come to think of it, just pair up any two of from that list and I’d be a happy old hippie.

  17. emma

    OOOH! Booze yesterday, bands today. Ain’t life grand?
    Oh, the possibilities! Here goes.
    Somewhere in NYC in the late 70s – Talking Heads and Velvet Underground.
    Anytime during Jerry’s life somewhere in California – Grateful Dead and Neil Young – maybe just after Harvest was released would be best.
    Chapel Hill in the late 80s early 90s – Veldt, JQ and Dillon Fence.
    Blue grass genre – maybe in Austin, TX or Asheville, NC anytime – Doc Watson and Flatts and Scruggs (Earl, not our regular commenter Shannon).
    Mellow laid back double billing goes to Elton John and James Taylor, preferably in London or Chapel Hill.
    All-time best would be REM and U2 in Athens, GA or anywhere in Ireland (whichever they choose) in the mid 80s.
    And Neva – If Bono shows up in your cul de sac and you don’t call me immediately, it will be a long time before we speak again.

  18. GFWD

    Sometimes the double bill is frustrating, as both artists/bands may have enough of their own respective material such that you don’t get to hear that much of either. That was the case with Elton John and Billy Joel in Atlanta in ’94. Love those guys, but a standard concert is not enough to get your fill of both.
    Enjoyed seeing (with DFB’s & T’s) Living Colour and The Rolling Stones in Death Valley Stadium in Clemson in 1989.
    I would have liked seeing:
    Pearl Jam and Nirvana
    Counting Crows and Collective Soul
    Dillon Fence and Hootie
    Ratt and Motley Crue
    My dream line-ups, however, would be:
    Seal and U2
    Tears for Fears and Genesis
    Journey and Chicago

  19. Cris

    Just chiming in that I was also at the REM/Maniacs 1987 Cameron concert. My sophomore year at Duke. Fantastic show. Not sure what my dream show would be, but perhaps the best concert I’ve ever attended was last year. My significant other surprised me for my birthday by driving us to the airport and whisking me off to Las Vegas for the weekend, where we saw Elton John. Had amazing orchestra level seats. I actually don’t think I had appreciated Elton John’s music quite so much before the show – but he puts on a really, really great concert. That, combined with a luxury suite and dinner at Bobby Flay’s made for a great birthday – momentarily letting me forget how frighteningly close to 40 I’m getting…

  20. leigh

    Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones. As long as they were both doing their early works. To answer on eof the above posters, Widespread is still together, but their lead guitarist, Michael Houser, died of pancreatic cancer in 2002. George McConell is the guitarist now. He is good, but they have lost their edge, the dark side so many of us loved. But they are still out there!

  21. John Schultz

    Didn’t Let’s Active open the Maniacs/REM show in Cameron? All I can remember is that I couldn’t hear for three days since my left ear was next to the speakers.
    I’ll throw in:
    The Replacements and Husker Du
    New Grass Revival and Tony Rice
    Wilco and Fountains of Wayne
    Stevie Ray Vaughan at Memorial Hall was by far the loudest thing I have ever experienced in my life. Coming in second was Husker Du.

  22. scruggs

    Though I caught U2’s stop in Atlanta this year, I would rather have seen them with Keane (just love them) or Patti Smith on one of their NYC dates, but instead got Institute (Gavin Rossdale, yawn).
    In the 80’s realm, I would love to have seen The Beautiful South/Housemartins open for The Cure as an interesting combo. The Cure actually did tour with Siouxsie & The Banshees and Joy Division back in the day; I missed out.
    Weirdest show combo I did see was some Welcome Home tour post Gulf War I at the army base near my parents house. For $5 you got America and 38 special…and I think Roseanne Cash.
    GFWD, didn’t Def Leppard and Journey play in ATL this summer?

  23. Claverack Weekender

    Muddy Waters circa 1954 opening for the Rolling Stones circa 1972.
    Miles Davis circa 1959 [w/Coltrane] opening for Duke Ellington circa 1964 [w/Mingus and Roach]
    Plastikman “Consumed” tour opening for Brahms debut of Symphony No. 4 in 1885
    One that actually happend: Janes Addiction/Pixies/Primus.

  24. jason savage

    i think seeing Emmylou Harris play with Gram Parsons and the Fallen Angels must have been fairly amazing.

  25. GFWD

    Scruggs, I saw Def Leppard in the round at the Dean Dome the fall of my freshman year in ’88. I missed them both performing (at Chastain, I believe) here in the A-T-L, primarily because it slipped my new daddy radar. I’m sure your son and mine would have enjoyed rocking out to Pour Some Sugar On Me and Don’t Stop Believin’.

  26. kevin from NC

    I wuz at the REM/10000 Maniacs show at Cameron and at that moment i realized that the old REM that played with some frequency at the Station in Carrboro was no more.
    My dream show these days.. Probably Neil Young with Crazy Horse and Van Morrison.
    The classic show in Dortom Arena was Jimmy Hendricks and the Monkees. I was too young for that one.

  27. thpride

    pearl jam/nirvana
    aretha and chaka (in their prime prime)
    biggie/wu-tang clan
    U2/the sundays
    prince/michael jackson (yeah, i said it)
    hendrix/the doors

  28. noj

    the Great White Lion Snake tour. Never happened, but should have.
    btw, Ian…do you have that song “Salt” by Mary on the Dash? Been trying to get my hands on it.

  29. Salem

    Just for a little Chapel Hill nastalgia,
    The Usuals and The White Animals.
    I think my two favorites were 1985 INXS & REM at the Civic Center in Charlotte and the Dead Kennedy’s at some roller skating rink in Durham.

  30. Ian

    Noj, does any MOTD exist in digital form? Mitchell from Bicycle Face is sending me their oeuvre on CD, if you’re interested. I loved those guys.
    I agree with Neva about the DF/JQ shows!

  31. Annie & her friend Joel

    What an interesting topic, yo! Though I agree mightily with many of the previously posted (Jane’s Addiction, Nirvana, Fishbone, Emmylou and Gram…and Dillon Fence, of course!) my dear friend Joel and I are brainstorming over here at Weaver St and we proffer these further entries:
    Annie: George Jones with Johnny Paycheck around 1966; George Jones with Melba Montgomery (first duet partner) during same era; Art Tatum with Ella Fitzgerald (60s again); John Lennon with anyone in the mid-70s
    Joel: Fungo Mungo with Rise Robots Rise; King Crimson (from Discipline era) with Sonic Youth (from Mishmash era); Massive Attack with Moby; Paula Cole with Patricia Barber (great small fierce jazz bill); Terry Allen with Tom Waits.

  32. noj

    ian, i just bought a copy of the mammoth cd sampler on ebay. whoo-hoo! i’ll burn it for you next time you’re in town. and ‘yes’, i’d love a copy of the bicycle face.

  33. Piglet

    Best I’ve actually seen: Indigo Girls opening for The Dead in Eugene, Oregon 1993. Huey Lewis put in a cameo in the second set.
    Fantasy/possible: Billy Joel, David Byrne and Richard Thompson doing a concert together.
    Fantasy/impossible==Joel, Hendrix and all four Beatles performing together. Better yet, throw in Paul Simon and Elton John, and have The Chieftains and a full orchestra and choir behind them for the last half.

  34. Matt

    mcf, Widespread is still touring. They played Colorado Springs last weekend. Above, Emma posited, “Ain’t life grand?” That’s my ring tone!

  35. Father Tim

    Dream Bill: Zeppelin and Neil Young (Crazy Horse as band)
    Best Show: Guided By Voices 10/25/04 at the Bluebird in Bloomington, IN on their last tour.
    Kent, did Dino Jr. and MBV really tour together? If so, Holy Shit! I can only imagine how great of a concert that was. I caught J and the boys in LA a few months ago. He can still bring it on the guitar.

  36. Lee

    Hey Kevin, I was at that REM/10000 Maniacs show, too! How funny… See how little sibling communicate sometimes?
    My dream show that I missed for the dumbest reason on the planet, was U2 with Lou Reed in Rotterdam when I was only an HOUR away in the summer of 1987. I’m still pissed beyond belief about that one!

  37. Paul G

    I can’t really pair them up with anyone that would open for them, but seeing New Order in a club right after they released Brotherhood in 1986 is something I have always dreamed about.
    What a crazy time it must have been for music, fashion, attitude, partying. Wish I could have been there. I’m 26. Can any late 30’s, early 40’s comment? Or someone much younger, with an undisclosed age that just happens to know exactly what those concerts were like ;-)

  38. kent

    Yes Dino Jr & MBV played a bunch of shows together in about 1990…
    My Bloody Valentine’s early sound was hugely influenced by dinosaur jr and the rest of the SST bands of the 80s. That and Jesus and Mary Chain. It’s a mark of Kevin Shields’ genius that he went from those influences to the stuff on Loveless.

  39. xuxE

    best shows i’ve seen? any prince show prior to when he came to jesus.
    i saw the time in boston in the early 90’s and they were still the shiznit.
    for a fantasy lineup i’d like to see jimi hendrix + prince.
    if it was something closer to reality, i’d like to see prince + pfunk. i saw a pfunk show also in the early 90’s and it was like a non-chemical ecstasy high.
    ooh, another great lineup would be zapp and midnight star.
    how about RTFW with tony toni tone?
    this is so fun i could go for days. clearly i am on a different tip than the chapel hill indie band one, but i will say that i did really like the veldt and johnny quest was fun. i saw living color at some club in chapel hill but i was too wrecked to remember which one.
    best show i missed? in Japan i missed seeing C.O.E.D. (Sheila E., Rhonda Smith, Kat Dyson, Cassandra O’Neal) damn!!!!!!!!

  40. noj

    oh yeah…in 1994 i saw a show in Nara, Japan in a gigantic wooden temple feturing Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi & INXS. Bizarre and really good.

  41. Joe

    Noj (and Ian) –
    I have all the Mary on the Dash demos (not the stuff that went on the CD, the stuff that came before it – and much better IMO).
    That includes “Salt” and all their other greats. MOTD were the first band I saw when I came to CHill in ’88 (yikes) at La Terraza. I still run into Dave Thrower from time to time; one of my fave bands ever in CH.
    Noj, drop me a line or get my email from Ian if you don’t have it; I’ll be happy to share the wealth.
    By the way, the best shows I ever saw were:
    Replacements (with two other crap bands), 1985
    Flaming Lips (opening for Throwing Muses at the Cradle well after their heyday), 1994 or so
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Local 506 in 2001 or so
    The ones I *wish* I’d seen:
    Television, CBGBs 1977
    The Beatles anywhere in the UK in 1963
    Buzzcocks, anywhere in 1978

  42. Chris (Sparky) Wyatt

    How odd– I read about that XTC-R.E.M. show just this week, in an obituary:
    (http://www.free-times.com/ “my turn”)
    I’d double-bill the Police and Bob Marley. See above references to 10,000 Maniacs / R.E.M., Fishbone, the Veldt, and JQ. Royal Crescent Mob. And the Highlanders. The Producers in the Granville cafeteria?
    Yeah Schultz– Stevie Ray Vaughan in Memorial Hall was something else. Strikes his first chord and knocks out power to old campus; unforgettable.
    Did anyone here see the Sex Police in a basement in big frat court, the night of Hurricaine Hugo? Luis and I waded home to Townhouse Apts. from that one.
    Best show I narrowly missed: Talking Heads in Charlotte, 1981 or 1982. I was 13 and in my seat before the show started, started to feel sick, walked out and called for a ride home. “Sick” was probably my first contact high.

  43. Salem

    xuxE, Zap, Midnight Star! What teen memories. “No parking baby. No parking on the dance floor…Let me see you blow your horn….beep,….aaaah,beep,beep.”
    How about Bootsie Collins after P-Funk? The world’s first wind up, rock star, doll baby momma!

  44. CP

    LA: beck and control machete
    70’s: zappa and queen
    old-school: run-dmc and the fat boys
    90’s: the beastie boys and luscious jackson
    old-school: tribe and das efx and the pharcyde
    sabroso: tito puente and willie bobo and quincy jones
    southern: jerry reed and shooter jennings
    rock stars: the strokes and outkast
    just saw jurassic 5. they were AWESOME. get feedback, their latest. it’s hot.
    shout-outs for these others posted:
    jane’s addiction and nirvana
    talking heads and velvet underground
    waylon/johnny cash
    led zep/who
    the beatles

  45. xuxE

    @salem – a fly girl. a fly girl. a fly girl. a fly girl. a flyyyyyyyyyyyy girl!
    how about bootsy collins and cameo? 80’s electro/funk = my life in high school! are you in the bay area? i am spinning old school funk on saturday at this fake “prom” party in the city, you should send me a message if you want to go, i think it’s free to get in.
    i just thought of another good one:
    brand nubian and digital underground

  46. eric g.

    I saw you at the 10,000 Maniacs/R.E.M. concert at Cameron. I recognized you from my English class.
    R.E.M. was awesome that night; I remember when somebody yelled “Rockville!” Michael Stipe mumbled “We don’t play that song anymore” and then they launched into…”Rockville.” Then later someone yelled “Superman!” and he mumbled “I hate that fuckin’ song” and then they launched into…”Superman.”
    The Maniacs were weird that night; Natalie Merchant was humping one of those stick-ponies that kids play with. I don’t remember anything about their music that night other than that it was really a lot louder than I thought it would be.
    It was October 3, 1987. Carolina lost to Auburn 10-3 earlier in the day at Kenan. How I remember all of these details while forgetting to buy milk at the grocery store is one of the mysteries that will accompany me to my final rest.

  47. xuxE

    @CP – you know who you might really dig is lyrics born, you can download hsi album ‘same shit different’ day from itunes.
    how about run dmc and whodini?
    club nouveau and dazz band?
    i’m thinking of a word and it starts with c and ends with runk! this is the best friday topic EVA! :)

  48. Neva

    I hate to think what you saw Eric! I think I may have been in rare form. Wish I could go back and relive it again.
    I do believe I remember the Sex Police in the basement in big frat court on the night of Hurrican Hugo. That’s the way to deal with a hurricane!

  49. joe q.

    Ian, I’m not sure I can take another day of nostalgia. I miss regular drinking like a long lost friend. I feel like a pedophile at any show that isn’t a musical.
    Please provide us with more pill popping leftist stooge propaganda. I can’t decide whether to mix drinks or smoke songs tonight. The reason I go to bed before my family every night is so I’m not left awake and alone to wonder how I got here.
    In the late 80’s I was drafted into being a fan of Rush. I will sing aloud ‘Red Barchetta’.
    Emma, How have we never met, or have we? Would you like to drink together sometime?

  50. CP (C as in CRUNK! WHAT?!?)

    X — hot. thanks so much for the tip and kind of nailing my taste. I’d heard of this guy, but never really heard him, you know? anyway, I’ll be going to ameoba to get the CD’s. plus he’s on quannum, which IMO speaks very highly of the man.
    crunk, you ask? it’s not really that good, but it’s amazing how ridiculous and fun it is. how about CP at a ying yang twins show at a downtown LA hip-hop club last year? it was what my friends from the source call a hennessy night (meaning bobblehead drunk, they made quite sure of that), and one of the best concerts I’d ever attended, even if I did stick out like a sore thumb. (me resembling the lead singer from weezer, everyone else looking like extras in a rap video.)
    do you know a bay area group called zion i? I know their publicist. like common, they don’t slay me, but it’s more a matter of taste than how good they are.
    here’s some all hip-hop lineups for you:
    UTFO and whodini
    doug e. fresh and slick rick
    BDP and PE
    ice-t and NWA
    salt n’ pepa and monie love
    de la soul and jungle brothers
    3rd bass and EPMD
    technotronic and c & c music factory
    vanilla ice and hammer
    black sheep and fu-schnickens
    wu-tang and geto boys
    dre, snoop, and tupac
    eminem and xzibit
    nelly and ludacris
    NERD and pharrell (same thing, only different)
    daddy yankee and jay-z
    skinny black and d-jay
    the list goes on, I must work.
    ps — mitch fatel and gilbert gottfried

  51. hyphY-xuxE

    CP – clearly there must be a party somewhere in our future with our names on the list.
    on the crunk subject i must carry the flag and reprazent oakland and the bay area hyphy movement, big up! i’m going to drop a track from the team on saturday that should set it off. if not, then maybe people will drink this and set it off: http://www.hyphyjuice.com
    i do know zion-i (not personally ;) you know, one of my husband’s bands (playground) just played with lyrics born, i was so sad i missed it. LB plays with a full band and i heard they are hella tight.
    hmmmm – i should warn you – you may be lost there for days, but what the hell, check out this most wonderful treasure trove: http://www.giantpeach.com
    happy weekend!

  52. gina

    Neva and others – I was at that REM/10,000 Maniacs show as well! I also saw the Indigo Girls/Violent Femmes and a number of the Johnny Quest/Dillon Fence pairings. Small world indeed.

  53. CP

    ps — look forward to clicking on all your links, but re: the one on your name (the allhiphop.com article on hyphy); the article quotes E-40, who once went to the source offices with his crew and threatened my friend for writing a bad album review. me, being the good friend that I am, heard the story and proceeded to burst out laughing, at which point my friend threatened me.
    on that note. you too, and have fun saturday night! (would it be too on the nose for you to play ozomatli’s saturday night?)

  54. ruppstew

    In ’83 U2 played in Chapel Hill with The English Beat and The Pretenders – that’s fiiiine entertainment….
    James Brown w/ Funkadelic – “Maggot Brain” era
    The Jam & The Clash
    Gram Parson & The Byrds – Sweetheart of the Rodeo
    Yo La tengo and REM – actually did play together in the “Ride the Tiger” “Chronic Town” , “Murmer” era
    Bird and Diz
    The Congos and Jimmy Cliff
    Eric B and Rakim and P.E.
    Shit…I could go on and on…..

  55. NOLAcathie

    I saw the Beatles with Jackie De Shannon opening for them in N.O. in l964…my first live concert thrill. Then the Animals, Herman’s Hermits, Charles Aznavour, the Moody Blues (3 times!), the Police, 10,000 Maniacs, Seal, Jackson Browne, Buena Vista Social Club, Sarah McLachlan (twice), Judy Collins, Tori Amos,Telefon Tel Aviv, and Cocteau Twins, to name the best.
    I became addicted to the anticipation of it all, the pounding of the pre-show music in my chest, and absolute ectasy when it all began! My concert days are less nowadays as I would definitely be considered one of the oldest attendees and I’ve gotten kinda choosy.
    I regret not seeing The Church and Peter Murphy when they came to N.O., or having had the chance to see U2 in the early days, and I would love to see the Cocteau Twins all over again, and Sigur Ros.
    Thanks Ian for inspiring a lovely trip back down a heavenly lane!

  56. sb

    any chance an innocent bystander can get hold of the mammoth sampler or MOTD? been searchin…
    my ultimate pick would be anybody and zeppelin ’74-77. after that, maybe the waitresses opening up for the police circa GITM. hard to narrow down.
    kudos to kent for the occasional MBV comments, i never hear people give loveless its due.
    maybe dillon fence opening for lotion.

  57. kent

    No one reads comments the day after, do they?
    Salem, aw yeah Midnight Star! I was more into SST and showgazer stuff in the 80s, but man _now_ I have a huge collection of all that 80s electro funk. “No Parking On the Dance Floor?” Fuggedaboutit!
    As someone who regularly goes to shows even though I’m pushing 50, I advise everyone — find comfortable earplugs, assemble a wingman or two so you won’t feel like the only old guy in the spot, and go out to shows.
    Hell, I saw Nirvana play to 30 people on the Bleach Tour for $5. I split pitchers with Gary the Alkie Drummer from Pavement. I talked to Jeff Buckley about his tenure in marching band, competing against my cousins’ (and sibs’) alma mater Arcadia high.
    You can see em on their way up for $5 on $2 pitcher night, or you can wait until it’s a $75 ticket. Once they get to the $75 ticket point, they’ve lost something.
    My current pick for up-and-coming awesomeness? Witch’s Hat: http://www.witchshat.net/ — if they come near you, drop everything and go. They really have it all: great songs, sense of humor, and more rawkness than should be legal.

  58. Salem

    It would be bragging to say I met Eric B. & Rakim with Ice Cube back stage at the Greensborough Coliseum.
    I met Eric B & Rakim with Ice Cube, backstage at the Greensborough Coliseum.
    No, I was not caller number 95. My Dad had an ill fated moment in the concert producing business. Ever wonder why some second tier performers are always an hour late starting their show? I met Ice Cube and his posse because they don’t go on stage until you close the box office, count the money, and pay them in advance. If the show is not a sell out, the box office stays open as late as possible. Apparently some promoters rip off the talent. I don’t know how to describe the level of intimidation, but the phrase “Mind if we dance with your dates?” comes to mind. Once the money was counted, Ice Cube smiled and Eric B & Rakim got out of their limo.

  59. CP

    but see, unlike E-40, ice cube’s a really cool guy. as is the head of development at cubevision, his company.

  60. Alyson

    I saw Soundgarden, Rage Against the Machine, and Metallica at Lollapalooza in 1996 in Rockingham, NC. It was fun, but I’d have loved to have seen Joni Mitchell and the Indigo Girls. Like maybe in the late nineties. Oh, to hear Joni’s scratchy, world-weary, pretty voice and then the Girls weave all their stories, and then maybe a little three-part harmony in the end. Lovely.

  61. Salem

    Believe me, I have been a big Ice Cube fan since NWA, but business was handled differently in 1987. His people never said anything disrespectfull. They were big, they were many, they looked angry, they did not smile, they did not feel it neccessary to explain why they looked angry and did not smile. That was probably the smartest way for a young act to approach a chubby white promoter in a small southern town.

  62. Dan

    One of the best shows I saw was Lollapalooza `94
    The Bad Seeds • Beastie Boys • Blast Off Country Style • The Breeders • Charlie Hunter Trio • Fu-Schnickens • George Clinton & The P-Funk All Stars • Green Day • L7 • Lambchop • Smashing Pumpkins • Stereolab • A Tribe Called Quest
    Nirvana was supposed to headline, but we all know what happened in 1994…
    I guess a dream double bill might be The Jayhawks and oh I dunno, Bruce.

  63. jason savage

    a few days late here, but if I could have been in the audience for the Nirvana Unplugged, i think it would have been hair-on-back-of-neck good.

  64. salem's little sister

    I saw Pearl Jam open for U2 in Rome on the Zooropa tour in 1993. Unbelievable. I saw U2 perform in 2003 in Dublin at the opening ceremonies of the Special Olympics World Games. We saw them again last December and they were fantastic. I luv Bono!
    I wish I could have seen a show with Elvis and the Beatles.

  65. CP

    all good, dude. meetings with writers are all about smiles and jokes and handshakes and bottled water and obscure hip-hop trivia. so just different circumstances and impressions is all, of a pretty savvy businessman 19 years later.

  66. Mitchell

    I saw The Minutemen open for REM at the Raleigh Civic Center in 1985. I was a sophomore in high school. My friends and I rode up from Kinston on a school night. That was a show I will never forget. D Boon from the Minutemen died a few weeks after that show. REM went on to bigger stages and lost their mystique after that show. I also got to see Let’s Active play a 2 and half hour show at Wait Chapel at Wake Forest when I was a senior in high school. Let’s Active was and still is one of my all-time favorites and I was in heaven at that show.
    I guess a dream show that I wish I could’ve seen would be Music Machine back in the sixties or maybe Syd Barret playing with Pink Floyd. Maybe Iggy & the Stooges back in the day. I also would have like to have seen a Billy Warden & the Floating Children show, but they broke up before I had a chance to see them.


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