leo becomes virgo



Lucy hopes your summer is entering the home stretch very nicely!

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  1. LFMD

    Ian, that is a beautiful photo.
    Hey, on our way to visit relatives in SC, we stopped at Chapel Hill yesterday. Kate – there is so much renovation! The campus looks great. The Student Union and House Library have really been spruced up, and even Manly Dorm looked good. There is actually grass, trees, and a stone wall in front of Manly and Grimes. Remember when it was just a big dust bowl in front, Ian?
    Anyway, my little campus has really changed since I graduated in 1990. It was a nice little trip. . . .I saw all the freshman for orientation are realized that that was ME, 20 years ago! Good grief.

  2. Kevin from Philadelphia

    Very nice picture. I will be beach-ing it this weekend as well, since the birthday is Monday. 26 . . . I’m getting on in years . . .

  3. wyatt

    I read that UNC is demolishing Venable Hall this summer and autumn. Once upon a time, my chemistry professor abruptly cancelled class during a lecture in Venable, as brown water began to fill the space at the bottom of the auditorium. We ran.
    We’ll visit Chapel Hill for a football game this year, see the changes on campus and in town, pray that the Flying Burrito is still there.
    It’s move-in day at USC-Columbia; yes, that was us 20 years ago.

  4. cullen

    Reminds me of the oh too many times I drove straight from the beach to Chapel Hill in just the nick of time for the start of classes (once virtually overnight from Nags Head for an 8:00 a.m.er–Hunged-Over 101)
    Reach the beach for the last hurrah of happy summer. Safe travels all around.

  5. Lee

    LFMD, I’m totally with you! Suzanne and I walked around campus a couple weeks ago and really couldn’t believe how uptown the joint has gotten-It’s fancy pants over there now!

  6. kate from the DTH front desk

    You’re right, Lee and LFMD, there’s a ton of stuff going on!
    The Student Stores has been under construction for almost a year now. They’re opening the South Road level and they’ve installed an escalator. It’s been hell trying to walk around in there, but I’m excited to see the finished product.
    It was pretty sad when they demolished Chase dining hall last year, but the new Rams Head center is really, really nice. It’s almost too nice for South Campus!
    And Wyatt, we’re all pretty glad to see Venable go! I usually have to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for myself so that I can find my way out.

  7. Rebecca from OC

    Ian and Tessa: My family and I are currently in Huntington, on LI. We’re staying here until the 31st, because we’re having some work done on our house in OC and I’d rather be here than there. So I’m thinking of buying tickets to the shows next week. My husband is game, and we can leave the kids and have a night away in the city. Do you promise that you won’t think I’m a wacky internet stalker?


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