i love your work


As evidenced by a little movie you may have seen, Lucy views all computers as a delivery mechanism for her bestest friend in the whole wide world, Hank. Just imagine how excited she was to go to Brooklyn and see the boy in person!


0 thoughts on “i love your work

  1. Laurie from Manly Dorm

    How sweet! Hank and Lucy. BBF. Don’t you wish you could just arrange their future marriage and seal the deal, thus avoiding all sorts of bad boyfriend/nightmare in-laws situations? I feel that way about Helen and her BBF, Matthew.

  2. killian

    Yes, but what’s in that sippy cup??? THAT”S what I think she’s got her eye set on. . .No offense, Hank!

  3. Sean M

    I’m with Killian…my first thought was that the girl needs a drink! And Hank is just the bartender that she’s flirting with in lieu of a tip.
    Work it.

  4. CP

    actually, looks more to me like it might be one of those long distance relationships are hard on both parties type of things. witness old hank hitting the bottle pretty hard there whereas lucy’s trying her best to connect in what time they do have together.
    but I have faith, and am rooting for them to make it work.

  5. CP

    two words, my friend: funk superfest.
    morris day and the time
    CP and co. in the paramount box at the greek.
    (seriously, tell me you were there too…)


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