labor day epidural


A few pictures before I let you go off on your Labor Day Weekend:


Lucy loves her momma, her Aunt Jordi and her Aunt Michelle


she also loves making new friends, like Hilary’s daughter Stella!


11am on the West Side Highway last Friday – first rain I’d seen in four months


Sean and preggers Jordana after the Fringe show


Tessa and me in front of gay porn hut on Christopher St.

See everyone next Tuesday, and have a holiday blast!

0 thoughts on “labor day epidural

  1. CP

    that picture of you and tessa…
    that’s about it. things unbelieveably well on this end.
    ps — all the xtcian readers: watch 30 rock this fall. not only is it hysterical, but about ian’s thing on dorks, tina fey and tracy morgan might be the two biggest ones on tv this fall. they are, in a word, amazing,

  2. Sean Williams

    My favorite thing about the girls on the floor is that, once everyone got on the floor, Lucy looked around, took stock and looked earnestly at Tessa saying “and where’s Dadso?” which is what made Michelle laugh so hard.
    Also, Jordana’s belly is way funnier when she’s not wearing a black sundress. That girl is FAT.

  3. cullen

    Yeah, Michelle’s red laughter in pic 1 is the fave kind and kind we all crave. Har.
    BTW, Coach K’s USA squad blew hard–more TarHeels on the other international squads than our own bench. At this rate of rain, Rutgers mite win tomorrow, so happy LDWEekend.


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