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I just got home, put my wife to bed, rocked Lucy to sleep (twice) and realized… I’ve just been in planes, cars and funeral homes for two days and I don’t know what happened in the world. How was the September 11th 5-year anniversary for everyone else? Did anything happen with that “Path to 9/11” docudrama? Was there any news besides the Chargers blanking Oakland?

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  1. jif

    Hi ian – please give my condolences to tessa.
    9/11 here in kabul was .. tense. there was an enormous suicide bombing attack on american forces outside the us embassy on friday the 8th killing 16 people. journalist friends of mine at the scene said body parts were hanging from tree branches. we stayed home all day and drank pimms – pretty much the only thing we have left in our liquor cabinent now that there is an official ban on the wholesale of alcohol with discussion continuing on the reestablishment of the ministry of vice and virtue or as they like to call it, the promotion of virtue and the deterent of bad behavior… or something like that.. My friend Michael who i think you met was at ISAF meeting with an explosion expert when it happened. said the impact traveled faster than the sound and it actually sucked the air out of his lungs and pushed them all back from the table before they even heard it. threats of more of the same meant everyone was tense here on 9/11 – is it me or was there some sort of global negative energy, some sort of bad vibes that affected everyone subconsciously or consciously in one way or another.. i started my day in tears about something stupid and was extremely tense all day, thought that everyone seemed a bit jumpy.. snappy… anderson cooper is in afghanistan now (temporary 5 years after attention). I just saw “AC 360” (lame) this morning on CNN – he’s embedded with american forces somewhere near Jalalabad doing a special on “ground zero on terror” – i must say it is the most coverage i have seen on Afghanistan in a long time – he interviews one soldier who says, “I just went back to the States for vacation and everyone kept asking me, ‘how are things going in Iraq?'” – seems that most people have forgotten about this other war.. or don’t realize that things are pretty much going to shit here…
    i’m glad september 11, 2006 is over.

  2. killian

    Beautiful post yesterday, Ian; you and Lucy and Tessa are in my prayers. Nonnie sounds like one fabulous woman!
    Thanks, Jif, for that moving account of what’s happening in places we’ve replaced in the national psyche with gas prices and re-elections. How ironic that a day of remembering is so closely bound to complete forgetting. . .
    is there a way i can ship you a care package of liquor?

  3. kent

    Wonderful post, Jif.
    Basically Ian, things are shit and getting worse. Remember when the worst things we had to worry about was the fat faces of Newt and Monica?
    I hate to seem like a broken records, but worst. president. ever. His 9/11 speech was more of the same shite he’s been peddling for 5 years. The man isn’t just a bloody minded war monger, he’s a bloody minded war monger who thinks his job is done after he reads his speech. Katrina, Iraq, Iran, EVERYTHING — he’s not just wrong to start with, he has no follow through. He thinks that things become so because he says them.
    If you really want to be depressed (or angered) read the excerpt from Sidney Blumenthal’s new book on
    Nothing really new, but it ties everything together.
    It’s a hard rain gonna fall.

  4. Smitty

    ABC documentary was great, even though the free-speech liberal fascists tried to bully ABC into not showing it, ABC stood up to them and exercised their free speech anyways. Showed how Clinton and Berger and Albright (halfbright) refused to go after Bin Laden, refused to have him handed over from Sudan, refused to target Bin Laden when they could multiple times and how 3000 people died needlessly because Clinton would rather go after Lewinsky instead of going after Bin Laden. Berger tried to cover this up by stealing documents in his pants and socks from the national archives, Berger and Bubba then tried to cover it up by trying to push ABC around… just glad to see that ABC stood up to the fascist anti-free speech folks on the Left.
    Gas prices keep falling and now news came out yesterday that the Farmers Almanac is expecting this winter to be colder than the average winter, so I wonder how Gore and the far-left anti-science ideologues will try to spin this one.

  5. emma

    There was a great feel good sports story running the wires yesterday about this red shirt freshman football player at Clemson who was able to get a waiver from the NCAA and can receive financial support to help provide for his 11 year brother who he now has custody of. The football player (known as Ray-Ray) takes his little brother to all the football practices and he is like a kid brother to the team.

  6. kevin from NC

    How about our president talking about torture the other day and how we adopted new standards.. He looks in the camera and says ‘America does not torture prisoners’. At what point in this speach are we to believe what he says?

  7. kent

    Smitty, doesn’t it bother you at all that you’re so jazzed up over a TV movie that’s full of distortions and inaccuracies? Are you so desparate to shore up your world view that you’ll grasp at complete fiction to support it? This is the conservative way: Instead of looking for facts and real arguments, look for comforting fictions and hold them tight.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having conservatives reading Ian’s blog and challenging us all to have some intellectual and factual rigor in our liberal outlook. Screw preaching to the choir, innit?
    But Lord, I’m tired of conservatives flogging the same old tired BS. It is no challenge to my beliefs, no check on my own temptation to believe things that aren’t so because they agree with my worldview. It’s just more ridiculous fiddle-faddle perpetuating the conservative Big Lies they’ve been pimping since forever.
    I demand a better grade of conservative. You lot, step off. Go wank to Rush and Ann Coulter and Newsmax, and stop pretending you have an intellectual, political, or moral leg to stand on.

  8. caveman

    I used to think you actually had to hear someone audibly speak with a fake british accent to get stupid feeling TM……learn something new everyday.

  9. Smitty

    Kent, doesn\’t it bother you at all that your beloved Clinton went after ABC harder than he went after Bin Laden? Are you so desperate to cover up what happened that you support Berger stealing documents from the national archives in his socks and pants and that you support Berger and the Clintonistas bullying around ABC and encroaching on their freedom of speech? This is the liberal way: it\’s only freedom of speech if you like what is being said; otherwise, stuff documents in your pants and tell the TV stations what not to report.
    Go wank to Al Franken and AirAmerica (if that radio network hasn\’t gone bankrupt yet) and DailyKos, and stop pretending you have an intellectual, political, or moral leg to stand on, because if you did – you wouldn\’t be so worried about ABC airing anything which discredits your weak argument.
    If Clinton put in half as much effort going after Bin Laden that he expended going after Lewinsky and ABC last week, 9/11 would have never happened and Bin Laden would have been handed over from Sudan.

  10. John S

    I don’t think ABC’s premise is “ridculous fiddle faddle”. In fact, what happened during the end of the Clinton administriation has been documented again and again. For starters, please read “Ghost Wars” by Stephen Coll. I would follow that up with the 9/11 Commission report and “The Looming Tower” by Lawrence Wright.
    However, the notion of blaming any one person or persons for 9/11 is downright absurd (kind of like blaming Bush for Hurricane Katrina). Democrats and Republicans alike must recognize that the issues we face transcend our own petty political differences.

  11. Ian

    Jif – wonderful report, and thanks for doing what you do. You’re simply awesome.
    As for the rest, I have a question – does the conservative bent of the comments just turn everyone off at this point? I feel like it’s keeping a good number of you from saying anything…

  12. caveman

    I have another, more important question…
    Was John Mayer created in a test tube by the corporate research team at Starbucks? You never really hear him mention “parents”.

  13. kent

    Smitty, I don’t think we have any common ground for discussion. You drink your koolaid and I’ll drink mine. Your arguments, as near as I can tell, are all based on completely groundless charges against liberal democrats, and as near as I can tell, are all cribbed from the usual suspects in the right-wing punditocracy. I have better things to do than point out all the ways you’re dead wrong, especially since you have that right-wing tendency to conflate your opinions with facts, and any facts you don’t like with some sort of vast left wing conspiracy.
    And I didn’t even like Clinton — I voted Nader in 1996, because Clinton was a centrist Republican posing as a Democrat, and frankly I could have lived with Bob Dole as President. George W Bush isn’t fit to tie Bob Dole’s shows.

  14. tregen

    If Clinton had gone after OSB the repubs would have been screaming bloody murder about using US troops to distract the public from blow job impeachment hearings. The issue to me is not one of Repubs vs. Dems or vice versa rather it is simply that both parties have decided that they have more loyality to their party than they do to their country and constitution. I despise them all and generally refuse to regurgitate a smelly filthy talking point from one side or another that is simply meant to tear each other down rather than to build American up and make the world a better place. There are no leaders in office. Only snake oil salesmen/women willing to turn us on each other as we slowly tear our society apart neighborhood by neighborhood. Makes me sick. Our society, as reflected in our political system has become diseased. It is not a disease of the Right side of the body or the left side of the body but a disease of the heart and soul. Anger permeates every debate, every issue. Intelligent ideas are discarded for political gain and our children will pay. Have we no shame.

  15. jif

    killian – thanks for the offer..i wish!! if i can think of a way, i will let you know.
    emma – thanks for the good news.
    maybe rather than arguing whether 9/11 was the fault of democrats or republicans, liberals or conservatives – we should look at what is happening now. Pakistani present Pervez Musharev just pulled pakistani troops out of Waziristan – the pakistani side of the porous border area between pakistan and afganistan – signing an agreement which leaves Waziristan in the hands of tribal elders. he has basically invited extremists to use the area as a safe haven – and has washed his hands of any responsibility for it. the growing insurgency in afghanistan is only a slight indication of what is to come from this area….
    if both ‘sides’ would pay more attention to what is unfolding and less time trashing each other – we would all be better off. this whole liberal vs. conservative back and forth is a waste of fucking time. the writing is on the wall – its nothing new.
    and speaking of recommending literature – i highly recommend picking up ‘jihad’ by ahmad rashid.


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