i’ll cross the stream


A few pictures from last week:


Tessa delivers a wonderful eulogy for Nonnie (then we sang ABBA’s “I Have a Dream,” believe it or not)


pallbearing to the graveside


quesadillas at Houston International


back home, Lucy reads with Lee Lee

0 thoughts on “i’ll cross the stream

  1. DFB's&T's

    Pop quiz: which pallbearer ain’t from Texas? I’ve never been to Texas, but the haircust and attire may me think I know the answer.
    No offense, Ian! You look sharp as a tack.

  2. Chris M

    I am sorry for your loss. How great is it to remain on this Earth long enough to be a great-grandparent? Young Lucy is getting more adorable by the minute. I’m guessing she usually gets things her way with Daddo. You may want to keep her under wraps in Tinseltown lest she end up in front of the camera!

  3. Lee

    Kevin took up for me in public!! Wow. Lucy is precious but that’s the weirdest pic of me I’ve ever seen!
    I miss that baby!
    And yall, too, of course.

  4. suzanne

    Oh man, that is so cute (lucy and lee). Ian, how can I get a copy of that? Lee is so lucky gettin’ to hang out with Lucy. Oh and Tessa and Ian too.

  5. Steve Coggins

    hey Tessa! I’m so sorry about Nonnie :( . As for the dryer—I have a nephew who had horrible cholic. I had heard that they actually settle down if you set them in their car seat on top of a running dryer. It does work, but….sure enough, I almost dropped him! You are not alone. Miss ya!
    Lee, the pic of you and Lucy is great!

  6. hilary

    your nonny entry from about a year ago remains one of my all-time favorites. lucy is just gorgeous. oh my god. the mod scarf–ah! and hello lee cogggins! there’s a name and face blast from the past!

  7. Annie

    Love to all of you from a pining godmother! When will I get to see the precious bumpkin again? *sigh*
    I am so sorry about the loss of Nonnie. I have only one grandparent left, the best one. I keep thinking about her these last two weeks, and I know I’ve got to drive down to Fayetteville and see her. Only an hour & a half away! Thinking about Nonnie centers my resolve.

  8. Alyson Peery

    I don’t normally get into this baby stuff, but that child is absolutely adorable! I have never seen anyone’s kid photograph so well in casual snapshots! So cute!

  9. emma

    I watched Five Wives last night and I thought Nonnie was great. She was just so real and I loved her pauses and facial expressions that followed her backyard bon mots.
    And I have to find a headband or sash for my little girl like Lucy’s. She looks stunning in that pic.

  10. oliver

    I’m behind in my Web reading, so I have to offer only late condolences to Tessa, but I remember Nonnie from 5 Wives too and am sorry to learn you don’t have her handy anymore. Nice that you could be there and euologize her.


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